James Gunn’s report on overseeing the DCEU rebuild also blown out of proportion?

James Gunn was reported to be helping rebuild the DCEU recently. However, like with the news of the director being a major influence on the cosmic portion of the MCU, was this news also blown out of proportion?

James Gunn is making big strides in the comic book movie industry, so big that it was reported by We Got This Covered that he is to be the “overseer of the cinematic universe” and “has been appointed to get the DCEU back in shape”. However, should we take this news with a grain of salt since Gunn was reported at one time to be heading off MCU’s cosmic realm?

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige clarified this was not the case and that the online reports of Gunn heading off MCU’s cosmic side were “slightly blown out of proportion”, according to report by Cinema Blend a few months ago. Screen Rant said people got it in their heads thinking that this was true because James Gunn himself said he was “shepherding the future of the Marvel cosmic universe”. So therein lies the rub and one can understand how people ran with that comment.

Now We Got This Covered claims they have a source that refers to someone in the biz that’s suppose to “rebuild their [the DCEU’s] fractured franchise”. Warner Bros. is splitting the two universes, the one in the original continuity and another that’s not connected to the originals, i.e. – the new Joker movie and the upcoming solo Batman film.

“However, our source now tells us that the studio is turning to a certain filmmaker who also works with Marvel to rebuild their fractured franchise”.

According to what the site heard, We Got This Covered makes this connection to James Gunn. From what the site understood, it was mentioned that the GOTG director is to “be involved in some capacity in almost all films moving forward, even if he’s not explicitly credited.”

Even if he’s not explicitly credited? What kind of studio doesn’t credit someone who is supposed to be a keystone in helping rebuild the “fractured franchise”? This is where this makes me question the report. And comments like “from what we understand” seems to me an interpretation, likely from what they gleaned from their source. Thus the reason to take it with a grain of salt.

James Gunn has done a remarkable job in the MCU and continues to move forward with the franchise. It doesn’t surprise me that him ushering in the rest of the cosmic portion of the MCU was indeed buzzing around the net. Especially regarding his “shepherding” comment some time ago.

There was a serious risk he was taking bringing forward the first set of characters via the galactic environment. A risk that was profoundly rewarding as results were highly impressive with the audience, regardless of a talking tree and raccoon. I could see how this success may have gotten into people’s heads that he would qualify to usher in other such flicks involving the great beyond.

However, should we question this new report regarding James Gunn and the DCEU that’s pretty similar to the MCU news that Feige had recently clarified? The only difference here is, the DCEU news was gleaned from a source in touch with We Got This Covered, the Marvel news was gleaned by James Gunn’s “shepherding” comment.

Not that I’m saying the WGTC site’s sources are unreliable, because sometimes the info from a source in touch with certain websites like this one had been confirmed in an official capacity later on. This specific report just made me raise an eyebrow based on how familiar this story sounded…the Marvel cosmic universe news.

If it IS true, then I would think this somewhat comes close to a self-fulfilling prophecy, yes? How true do you think this recent report really is? Do you think Gunn is capable of such a task?