Does Luke Cage appear on Jessica Jones Season 3?


The last season of Jessica Jones (or any Netflix-Marvel Universe series) is now streaming and we’re all dying to know if Luke Cage makes an appearance. We’ve got answers!

Spoiler alert! Obviously, spoilers are ahead! If you can’t wait any longer, read on, or just return once you’ve binged all 13 episodes of Jessica Jones Season 3.

Are Matt, Danny, and Luke mentioned in the third season of Jessica Jones? Better yet, do they make an appearance? Yes! Well, one of the three, the one we care most about when it comes to Jessica’s storyline – Luke Cage!

Matt Murdock is mentioned first. In episode 4, Jessica tells Erik that the last time she doubted someone’s powers “they ended up impaled by scaffolding,” referring to Daredevil. (Correction: She is actually referring to Whizzer here, sorry Matt!) Danny Rand is also referenced when his company drops Hogarth’s law firm. But Luke Cage appears in the flesh in Season 3, Episode 13.

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As Jessica Jones is arriving to her apartment, Luke is there waiting outside in the hallway. She quickly notices his wardrobe upgrade, Luke doesn’t get into any details, but is there “as a friend” after seeing her appear on the news one too many times.

No, nothing romantic happens, unfortunately. However, Luke does heavily assist Jessica’s in making tough decision, one we won’t spoil here. Do they leave it open ended for something to happen in the future? Not really.

I gotta say, it’s disappointing that Luke and Jess didn’t have the ending we wanted to see. Still, it’s great that the cast and crew knew how important it was for us to see Luke again, so we truly appreciate this moment. Hey, maybe when both Luke and Jess settle down they’ll reach out to each other again. Let us dream!

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