Where’s Supernatural’s Charlie in the CW’s Pride Month poster?

Supernatural -- "Pac-Man Fever"--Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR
Supernatural -- "Pac-Man Fever"--Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR /

The CW shared its Pride Month poster, quickly gaining (rightful) criticism for many. There’s one Supernatural character missing who should have been included.

Supernatural isn’t known for many LGBTQ characters, but there is one that has always stood out. There’s one character that was unfairly killed off and remains an important part of the fandom. And The CW’s Pride Month poster has left her out.

Yes, it’s all about Charlie Bradbury.

In all fairness to Charlie, she’s not the only LGBTQ character on the CW missed out on the Pride Month poster. In fact, the poster doesn’t have any of the networks LGBTQ characters. Yes, really! The poster that’s supposed to celebrate and support Pride Month has completely missed the mark.

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There are many high-profile characters on the network who should have been included, such as The 100‘s Clarke Griffin, Riverdale‘s Cheryl Blossom and Toni Topez, and Supergirl‘s Alex Danvers. These are all main characters of their respective shows, which indicates the lack of thought that went into the poster.

With that in mind, it’s not all that surprising that Charlie was missed out. After all, if the network can’t put the main LGBTQ characters on the list (hey, even Batwoman from the upcoming series is missing!), why would it include one of the side characters of a show?

The Winchesters were included, but that will hurt more to fans. Destiel isn’t official canon in the show (not against it, just stating a fact here), so we can’t even use that excuse for Dean Winchester being included.

And Charlie isn’t the only one who could have been included. We could have had Claire and Kaia or Stacy and Max from Season 14. There’s even Max Bane if the CW wanted to include a black gay character.

However, Charlie is the one known and beloved the most by fans. She’s also been the one there the most for the Winchesters over the years, even (unfairly) sacrificing her life for them. Out of all the characters, it’s Charlie who should have been on that poster if I had to choose one but there could have been so many others.

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