Bob’s Burgers: Which Season 8 episode is most underrated?

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Wrapping up last year, season 8 of Bob’s Burgers featured a lot of amazing episodes but which episode doesn’t get the love it deserves?

Since this series comes to an end next week, these last two are going to be incredibly fun as they’re the most recent seasons. Now we even know when season 10 of Bob’s Burgers is going to premiere. Personally, I think season 8 is one of the best the show’s ever produced so this is probably going to be the toughest one for me.

A running theme is that the series always has a few standout episodes, maybe 1 or 2 bad but is mostly made up of good episodes. With each season, the series has a handful of underrated episodes. Since the series is on hiatus, what better time to look through each season and find the most underrated episode?

Before getting into this series, there will be spoilers for Bob’s Burgers. This week is all about season 8 so you will be spoiled if you haven’t watched season 8. As per all these lists, this is only my opinion. If you don’t agree, feel free to share your thoughts or what episode you consider the most underrated from the said season.

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Looking back at season 8, there are a few milestones worth mentioning. For Christmas, the show aired their first hour-long episode, “The Bleakening: Parts 1 & 2.” The episodes was very well-received and gave us a small taste into what the movie could be like. They also celebrated Bob’s birthday but most importantly was the premiere episode entitled “Brunchsquatch.” The entire episode was made up of fan art and almost every single frame was different.

As much as I enjoyed season 8, there are a lot of underrated episodes. In the beginning of the season, there was “The Silence of the Louise.” Clearly a play on Silence of the Lambs, the episode follows Louise befriending Millie to help get herself out of trouble. It was the perfect companion to the show’s Halloween episode and it was awesome to see Louise get a little bit out of her comfort zone.

Looking at midseason, the show aired “Y Tu Ga-Ga Tambien” right after the Olympics was over and it didn’t get nearly enough love. The episode follows the kids as they start playing “Ga-Ga” ball at school and Gene’s disapproval of the game. Maybe it’s because the Olympics but this episode rarely ever gets talked about. While maybe not a stellar episode, it was fun and gave Gene a little bit more time in the spotlight.

In keeping with character-driven episodes, “Boywatch” was a great Tina episode in which she realizes that she might be a little bit too boy-crazy. It was awesome to see her realize her faults and then work to fix them. Sometimes Tina can be portrayed as a bit of a goody-two-shoes but it was nice to see a dose of reality for her. Another underrated gem was “As I Walk Through the Alley of the Shadow of Ramps,” in which Louise dukes it out with someone trying to park behind the Belcher’s house. While the episode focuses on their feud, it’s mostly about Louise growing up and learning how to ride a bike. It has that Belcher charm that makes the episode equally funny and sweet.

Before getting into my pick, I wanted to feature a few honorable mentions: “Sleeping with the Frenemy, “Thanks-hoarding, “Mo Mommy, Mo Problems” and “Cheer Up, Sleepy Gene.” It was really hard to narrow down this list so honorable mentions were a must. Even though holiday episodes aren’t usually included, “Thanks-hoarding” was one that I had to mention as it’s a personal favorite.

However, the most underrated season 8 episode was “The Hurt Soccer.” The episode features Bob and Tina coaching Louise in her only soccer game after not showing up ever. What makes this episode so good is Louise’s character development. At first, she wants to give up and go home but realizes how much the win means to the team. It was awesome to see her put aside her own selfishness and be a team player.

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“The Hurt Soccer” also features a cameo from one of Loren Bouchard’s other creations, Home Movies. It was a fun Easter egg for fans that noticed and helped the episode stand out. It feels like “The Hurt Soccer” gets lost in the shuffle of season 8 so it doesn’t get as much recognition as it should.

Which season 8 episode do you think is most underrated? Do you think “The Hurt Soccer” is an underrated gem? Be sure to let me know in the comments!