All American: 6 important things to remember heading into Season 2

All American is set to make its return this October. Before it comes back, we’ve got the perfect refresher to Season 1 plus new details about Season 2!

Are you looking forward to checking in on the Bakers and the James families when All American returns? We’ve got the scoop on what you can anticipate from the new season in addition to some crucial reminders you’ll need to keep in mind before season two kicks off.

Please keep in mind that this guide is full of spoilers. If you haven’t finished binge-watching All American’s first season on Netflix, then you’ll want to bookmark this page to return to later!

For starters, keep an eye out on the site for an upcoming interview with All American star, Karimah Westbrook! I got to speak with the lovely actress, who plays Grace James on the show, about what we can expect from season two.

The interview will be published closer to the October 7 premiere date, but I can confirm there will be some new characters introduced into the second season of the series, although she wasn’t able to give me many details about who or what role they’ll play.

6. Billy Baker has hit rock bottom.

To say things aren’t great for Billy Baker right now would be a severe understatement. The news of Billy’s former affair with Grace is out in the open now. Olivia, Jordan, and Laura are still reeling from the revelation. It won’t be easy for Billy to win back the trust of his children and wife.

For the time being, he’s back on his father’s doorstep. That’s the last place we see him at the end of season one. I wonder how he’ll react to the possibility of potentially losing his star player to Cory James?

5. Coop is moving back in with her mother.

Tyrone is off the streets and in a jail cell where he belongs. According to The CW’s official synopsis for All American’s second season, Coop is taking a step back from the gang life (thank goodness) and instead will refocus on her music career. I’m happy to hear that because I want Coop to get a chance at happiness. Season one saw her in several dangerous situations. It’ll be nice to see her get a chance at being an average teenager for a while.

Her next obstacle will be living back at home with her mother. I have a feeling it’s going to be a bumpy road to reconciliation for the two. As for Patience, as far as we know, Patience and Coop are still together, we’ll see if that remains the case when the show returns.

All American

All American — “Championships”– Image Number: ALA116c_0269b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Karimah Westbrook as Grace, Chad L. Coleman as Corey and Greta Onieogou as Layla — Photo: Kevin Estrada/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

4. Cory is planning to stick around Crenshaw for a while.

Cory isn’t going anywhere any time soon. He has taken up the position of head coach at Crenshaw High, and he wants Spencer to play for him. Spencer has a tough decision to make.

Will he stay in Beverly Hills and continue living with his second family, the Bakers? Or will he decide to take a chance on his biological father and return to Crenshaw High?

3. Asher is totally into Olivia.

Romance is in the air for Olivia and Asher. They’ve spent the entire season getting to know each other better and building a surprising friendship. In the past, Olivia and Asher had a brief fling behind Layla’s back. The discovery of her ex-boyfriend and best friend cheating on her caused a short dissolution of Olivia and Layla’s friendship.

Olivia and Layla have since gotten their friendship back on track. As for Olivia and Asher, Olivia stood by him through even his darkest moments of season one. The two have bonded and judging by the bright smile on Asher’s face when he saw her cooking breakfast with his dad; the boy has it bad for her.

At the moment, Olivia is still dating Chris, but Cody Christian (who plays Asher) teases that relationship may not last long. The cast spoke with TV Guide at the TCAs and gave us all kinds of juicy gossip about the potential for an Asher/Olivia romance.

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All American — “Championships” — Pictured: Greta Onieogou as Layla — Photo: Tyler Golden/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

2. Layla isn’t in a great place.

When we last see Layla, she isn’t in the best place mentally. Her relationship with Olivia is rocky once more, and she winds up crying in her father’s office while reading her late mother’s journal. Luckily, Olivia puts their previous argument aside and decides to be there for Layla.

Hopefully, things will improve for Layla moving into season two. She’s still with Spencer for the time being. But with drama falling hard on the James family due to Cory’s return, it’s hard to say what their relationship will look like moving forward.

1. Dillon’s paternity is in question.

Perhaps the biggest bombshell of season one, especially of the finale, is when Cory confronts Grace about Dillon’s paternity. He asks her point-blank if Dillon is really his son. Before Grace can answer, the episode ends! Can you imagine if the series had been canceled and we were left with that cliffhanger!?

Luckily, The CW came through with a renewal. So, if Cory isn’t Dillon’s father, then who is? Well, Billy Baker of course! Early in the season, many fans were wondering if Billy was secretly Spencer’s dad. It looks like he could have fathered a James boy after all, just not the one people expected! Hopefully, we won’t have to wait long into the second season to find out the truth.

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Are you looking forward to season two of All American? What do you want to happen in season two? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Season one of All American is currently streaming on Netflix. Season two will premiere on October 7, 2019.