Marianne on Netflix: What happens in that bizarre ending?

Photo: Marianne - Emmanuel Guimier/Netflix
Photo: Marianne - Emmanuel Guimier/Netflix /

Marianne has been giving viewers nightmares, but the restlessness is mostly due to confusion about what happened in those final moments.

Netflix’s latest horror series, Marianne, is not for the faint of heart. It features jump scares that never fail to haunt us and a witch made for nightmares. The first season of the French series is now streaming on Netflix. Spoilers ahead if you have yet to watch it!

To quickly recap, Emma (Victorie Du Bois) is a young and wealthy novelist who has been writing about the battles between Lizzie Larck and Marianne, the latter being an evil witch. Once Emma wraps up these novels, she is ready to move on and write about something else. Marianne, however, is not a work of fiction, she’s real. Emma and her friends called out to Marianne on accident when they were kids, not knowing the danger they would be getting into.

Now, Marianne is back and ready to haunt Emma and her friends once again. To stop her, Emma must continue writing. Unless, she and her friends can find another way to get rid of the witch once and for all. As Marianne always promises, though, she never leaves empty-handed.

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What happens in the finale?

Let’s go back just a bit. Séby (or so we think) climbs through Emma’s bedroom window. They have sex, but we don’t think much of it at the moment. Even when Emma wakes up and she finds herself alone in bed, we’re still not suspicious.

Séby is married, after all, so maybe he just went home early or as soon as Emma went to sleep. Later, however, is when our jaws drop.

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Back to one of the final scenes: Before leaving town, Emma stops by Séby’s house to say goodbye. Séby is friendly, until Emma mentions “that night.” Séby is confused, but mostly disgusted at Emma for even thinking that he would cheat on his wife with her.

At this point, our eyes are huge in disbelief. If that wasn’t Séby in bed with Emma….who was it? 

To make it all worse (oh, so much worse), we learn Emma is pregnant! The question of who had sex with Emma suddenly turns into a more shocking one — who’s the father of her baby? This all feels very similar to a plot in America Horror Story, and that did not turn out well, either.

Two theories on this: It’s either Marianne through a spell or the Devil himself! What’s your guess?

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Emma is extremely worried, but can’t she just have an abortion? Whether it’s Marianne or the Devil, that baby can’t see the light of day! I don’t think getting rid of this unborn child will be that simple, though. Let’s hope Netflix renews the series so we can get some answers!

Marianne Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.