Angel alum Christian Kane joining Supernatural: What we know so far

Supernatural is about to get a little more angelic. Former Angel star, Christian Kane, is joining the series for the final season. What do we know so far?

What do Supernatural and Angel have in common? A number of actors that’s growing at least one more time. Christian Kane, who played Lindsay McDonald on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off series, will join the Winchesters for the final ride.

For those worried about him playing the villain like he started off as in Angel, it doesn’t sound like he will be. It sounds like he’s actually going to be a friend for the Winchesters to turn to. Here’s a look at everything we know about Kane in Supernatural Season 15 so far.

Christian Kane is Leo Webb

According to Entertainment Weekly, Kane will play Leo Webb. He knows Dean Winchester—and it’s telling that only Dean is mentioned. You see, more importantly, is that he’s a former hunter. If he’s a hunter who knew Dean, it does suggest that he comes from Dean’s pre-Sam life. That means pre-series and we may get to hear a few more stories of what Dean and John got up to on a few hunts.

This could be a perfect way to mention John Winchester organically, even if Jeffrey Dean Morgan can’t make it back or the character can’t be written into a final episode.

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Guest star for now

So far, he’s only been labeled as a guest star. This could mean he only shows up in one single episode, but there may be an option to recur later. If he was going to be in more episodes from the start, he’d have likely been listed as a recurring guest star right away.

Being in one episode would make sense. He may end up calling on Dean for help with a case after being pulled back into the hunting world thanks to Chuck. Of course, Dean could end up calling on him, pulling him back in the world of hunting.

What would you like to see from Kane in Season 15? Who do you think Leo Webb will end up being? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Supernatural Season 15 premieres. on Oct 10 at 8/7c on The CW.