Why we need Slasher to return for Season 4 on Netflix

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Slasher: Solstice debuted a few months ago with plenty of mystery and horror, so even though there hasn’t been word on a renewal as of yet we have a few thoughts on why we need more Slasher in our future.

After the intense experience of binge-watching Slasher: Solstice, it left us wondering where the anthology series could go manage to take us next. With hours of bloodshed and entertainment from all three themes of each season, we are desperately hoping to see more of Slasher, so listen up Netflix!

An anthology that makes sense

When you look at anthology concepts for television, it can be a hit or miss. Often some seasons are naturally stronger than others, and certain ideas might not land as strongly as they had in previous chapters or incarnations. When you look at AHS, for example, there are seasons that fans deem not as interesting or riveting as favorites like Coven or Asylum, but Slasher is possibly the most practical anthology thus far.

With Slasher, the slasher genre itself works best in a contained environment where there’s a beginning and end. To draw out the identity of a killer or being too afraid to lose your cast can be a crucial hang up (see MTV’s Scream which had its own strengths of course) and Slasher has effectively avoided it for three seasons. The one thing each season has in common is a serial killer, shrouding the rest in mystery by keeping audiences from needing to watch previous seasons. The thrill of a unique change of pace keeps the series fresh while expanding on the successes it achieves with each season vastly improving.

Slasher doesn’t just recycle old ideas or settings, but each season makes sure to discover its own lane and seeing the series flourish with every season leaves hope for an even bigger and better fourth season.

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The casting is excellent

One thing that we’ve come to love about Slasher is the fact that each season leaves an option for actors to return in some capacity. So for example, Jim Watson or Paula Brancati (each standout from Season 2) were given roles in the third season that were drastically different from what they had played before. This not only gives actors a chance to show they’re multi-faceted but creates an attachment for audiences who enjoy the performance of a particular star.

After the mixture of new and returning cast members in the third season, we can only hope we’ll see Baraka Rahmani, Gabriel Darku, or Mercedes Morris return to the series in some capacity after memorable performances all around. Regardless of who comes back or who joins Slasher, we can expect them to select the perfect blend of actors for another installment of the horror series.

An underrated gem courtesy of Netflix

Typically Netflix promotes major staple series like The Umbrella Academy or Orange Is the New Black as their major releases with little promotion going to Slasher. When Netflix began crafting original content, they wanted to cater to genre lovers but have since tried to expand, which has left not as much room for their niche series that are actually changing the game. Slasher is without a doubt one of their best titles and could easily benefit from being spotlighted by the streaming service.

Despite the promotional choices via Netflix, Slasher has regularly proven itself as an original series with more depth and ambition than most series available on the platform. After three seasons, the series has managed to return with a dedicated core audience and has provided fascinating content for 24 episodes. After each season seemed to improve upon its predecessor, we can only imagine that Netflix must have some faith in their almost indie-like horror staple that’s easily the best example of horror programming currently airing.

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All three seasons of Slasher are available exclusively on Netflix, so check out the series for yourself and let us know your thoughts on a potential Season 4!