Can anything take down Red Rock in The Resident?

Red Rock has become the big company to go up against in The Resident. Is there anything that Chastain can use to take Red Rock down?

Every season on The Resident, there’s something big that attempts to take down the good doctors and nurses of Chastain Hospital. The first season eased us in with just one doctor, but the second season brought in a powerful medical device company. Now it’s Red Rock, a company that has pulled Chastain out of financial difficulty.

Of course, there was a deal made. And that deal was with the devil. The hospital now has to deal with Cain and those working with and for him. Conrad was the latest person in the hospital to make an enemy of Cain, showing him up while in the OR.

On top of that, Bell’s deal with the dialysis company for information and more money for nurses didn’t go down well with the accounts guy. This accounts guy doesn’t even have any knowledge of medical practices so has no idea just how important nurses are. Bell quickly made an enemy of that guy.

With Cain and “Accounts Guy” working together with Red Rock, is there a way to knock the company down? Is there a way for the doctors and nurses of Chastain to work together and protect themselves? Well, it is a TV show and it will all work out in the end until the next big situation in The Resident Season 4, should a renewal happen. The question is what they can do.

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Force Cain to make a terrible mistake

Cain is the biggest asset to Red Rock. At the same time, he’s the biggest liability. This is a man who isn’t afraid to take risks. He’s also willing to do things against a patient’s will. If he makes enough mistakes or causes enough of a headache, Red Rock isn’t going to keep backing him. Sure he bills millions but if he starts costing more than he bills, there’s going to be a huge problem.

So, Chastain needs to force him to make a terrible mistake. He’s made a few a long the way already, but we have to hope that it doesn’t put a patient at risk of death. Unless it’s Hades, of course. (Sorry not sorry!)

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Buy out the company

One option would be to buy out Red Rock. This is a huge task considering the whole reason Chastain got into bed with Red Rock was due to financial problems. It’s going to take a lot of money and a miracle to do this.

However, it’s worth considering. If Chastain could find someone else to enter into business with to buy out Red Rock, it would be helpful. Hey, what about another deal with the dialysis company?

Gather others who have suffered because of Red Rock

This could take more than Chastain to get out of. In an earlier episode, Mina and Austin found out that a small town was struggling after Red Rock came in, closed down the hospital, and moved everyone they needed out. It was no wonder the people left in the town despised Red Rock.

There will be more towns like this. Before it gets too bad for Chastain, it’s important for the doctors and nurses to gather the people who have suffered. Could it be a way to prove something illegal that ends up with the whole company closing down? A little like the QuoVardis?

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What do you think the doctors and nurses of Chastain can do to take down Red Rock? What are the options right now? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Resident airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on FOX.

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