Canceled TV shows: 2019-2020 cable TV renewal scorecard

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Doctor Who

Photo credit: Doctor Who/Ben Blackall/BBC — Acquired via AMC Press Site)

What’s been canceled and renewed on cable TV in the 2019-2020 season? Here’s your scorecard with the full list of renewed and canceled TV shows.

TV shows are going to start getting axed. Others will be renewed. It’s important to stay up to date of all the renewed and canceled TV shows on the cable networks to make sure you know if your favorite TV shows are still going.

This list is for all the cable networks. These are the networks you pay extra for, whether you get the apps direct on your smart TV or you pay extra through your TV provider. Think of the likes of AMC, STARZ, HBO, and others.

As with previous renewal and canceled scorecards, we’ll update this with the latest news. This is based on the current season, up until around May or June 2020. So those shows that have still to premiere new seasons will be included but we won’t know their fates until later in the year. That’s why we use the following grading system:

  • Officially Renewed: The network has renewed it for another season
  • A Safe Bet: There’s very little reason for the network to cancel this show
  • Renewal Looking Likely: There are chances of a renewal but it’s not set in stone just yet.
  • Renewal a 50/50 Chance: I’m on the fence and can’t tell which way the network will go.
  • Renewal Looking Unlikely: I doubt this show will get another season but I’m not completely ruling it out.
  • Unofficially Canceled: The ratings are so bad that there’s no way the network will renew.
  • Officially Canceled: The network has made an official decision.
  • Too Soon to Tell: The show has likely just aired or is still to air and a decision can’t be made.

To avoid questions about favoritism, the cable networks and shows are all listed in alphabetical order.

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