The Unicorn’s Sarayu Blue discusses playing Wade’s new crush

Sarayu Blue recurs as Anna on CBS' sitcom The Unicorn. Photo Credit: Courtney Lindberg/Courtesy of Sechel PR.
Sarayu Blue recurs as Anna on CBS' sitcom The Unicorn. Photo Credit: Courtney Lindberg/Courtesy of Sechel PR. /

The Unicorn actress Sarayu Blue tells Hidden Remote what’s in store for Wade and Anna after that kiss, and about her Netflix comedy Medical Police.

The Unicorn welcomed Sarayu Blue last week, and sparks immediately flew between her character Anna and Wade—so what’s going to happen next?

Anna, a friend and colleague of Delia (Michaela Watkins), connected with Wade the moment they met and Thursday’s midseason finale teases the possibility of a real romance blossoming between them. Their love story is only just beginning, and that’s not all Sarayu has ahead of her.

She’s also part of Netflix‘s upcoming comedy Medical Police, which is completely different from The Unicorn, and told us what to expect from her in that series as well as one previous role that she still loves.

Meet Sarayu Blue and learn more about her in our interview below, then be sure you don’t miss a new episode of The Unicorn tonight on CBS at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT!

Hidden Remote: What made The Unicorn stand out to you?

Sarayu Blue: I was instantly drawn to the show because of that outstanding cast. Add to that the sweet subject matter, and great writing, it was an easy yes.

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HR: Now that we’ve met Anna and she’s kissed Wade, what do we look forward to between them? Wade didn’t want to be set up with Anna, but once he met her, he pretty quickly changed his mind.

SB: What I love about the Wade and Anna storyline is how relatable it is. I loved the resistance Wade had to getting set up, and how Anna was perfectly comfortable walking away if it didn’t seem like a good fit. It felt very honest and very much how adults date. It’s so great to see that, versus a one-dimensional woman who’s desperate to get the guy. As we see their arc unfold, we see it continues in that vein, in a beautifully believable way.

HR: How enjoyable was it for you to work with Walton Goggins and the rest of the cast?

SB: It was a dream in every sense. There are some shows and experiences that have a little extra magic in them. For me, that’s what working on The Unicorn was. Walton and I had that exceptional chemistry that makes storytelling pure joy. Plus, the writers, producers and cast made me feel like family from my first day on set. Since then, they’ve continued to make me feel like a part of the team. They’re a pretty phenomenal bunch over there.

Sarayu Blue recurs as Anna on CBS’ sitcom The Unicorn. Photo Credit: Tim Merrill/Courtesy of Sechel PR.
Sarayu Blue recurs as Anna on CBS’ sitcom The Unicorn. Photo Credit: Tim Merrill/Courtesy of Sechel PR. /

HR: The Unicorn cast includes your Medical Police co-star Rob Corddry. What was it like to be reunited with him on the show?

SB: It was fantastic! He’s such a great guy and so much fun to work with. What’s funny is The Unicorn was entirely coincidental. He didn’t know I’d be joining them until I’d already gotten the role. It was pretty delightful getting to text him with that news.

HR: Medical Police is a comedy with many of the same people from Childrens Hospital, so it’s completely different. How would you describe that series?

SB: Medical Police is a perfect example of great comedy that’s not so much about the heart. The show has fantastic storytelling and an impeccable comedy team. It comes together brilliantly. I can’t wait for everyone to see it!

HR: Those two shows are an example of how many different forms TV comedy can take. What makes a good comedy in your opinion? Are there certain things that are important, no matter what the show’s about?

SB: Well, bare minimum of course—that it’s funny. In addition, though, I think you need smart storytelling, and often heart. You don’t always need heart but with something like The Unicorn it adds a depth that I think helps viewers feel connected to the cast and want to tune in every week.

HR: Do you have a favorite TV role that you’d suggest to Unicorn fans who want to see more of Sarayu Blue?

SB: Emet on I Feel Bad will forever be one of my favorite roles I’ve done. There was something so special about that role and show. Not only was it exciting to see a South Asian American woman as the comedic lead, but we were also telling the story from the female perspective. And of course, it was funny. We did something important and unique with that show and I’ll always be proud of it.

HR: What TV shows are on your watchlist?

SB: For starters, Fleabag for life. That show changed me. The minute it ended I started going through a grieving period, because I missed it immediately. Also, Insecure, Parks & Recreation, Killing Eve, One Day at a Time [and] anything with Olivia Colman in it, just to name a few.

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The Unicorn midseason finale airs Thursday at 8:30 p.m.