The top 10 Lifetime movies of 2019

The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders. Photo by Courtesy of Lifetime
The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders. Photo by Courtesy of Lifetime /
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8. Escaping the Madhouse: The Nellie Bly Story

Christina Ricci stars in this fascinating psychological thriller about the real story of journalist Nellie Bly. In real-life, Nellie went undercover at a woman’s asylum to detail the unspeakable horrors and abuse they regularly received at the hands of the doctors within the walls.

Accomplished actress Judith Light also stars in the film, and while I can’t speak to its historical accuracy, it makes for a compelling movie. Nellie never intended to become a real patient at the asylum, but soon she found she could not escape and was tortured by Light’s character, Matron Grady, who was happy to try to force Nellie into compliance by any means necessary.

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7. Mommy Group Murder

Mommy Group Murder is a classic Lifetime movie about murderous mothers! Well, sort of, I won’t spoil the ending for you. It stars Leah Pipes from The Originals as a new mother suffering from postpartum depression.

She joins a group of mothers who get together to support one another, but things take an ugly turn when one of them turns up dead. The movie goes to some surprisingly dark places, even for Lifetime. It gets as vicious and crazy as one would want a film titled Mommy Group Murder to be.