The Witcher ending explained: Making sense of the storylines

The Witcher - Credit: Katalin Vermes
The Witcher - Credit: Katalin Vermes /

If you still feel a little confused over the ending of The Witcher Season 1, you’re probably not alone. Here’s a post to make sense of the ending.

If you’re anything like me, you realized very quickly that The Witcher was not going to be a fantasy show you could have on in the background and follow easily. This is a show with a lot of dialogue, plot details, and timeline twists. I’ve had to watch it twice to fully make sense of the story and the three individual timelines.

And I’m not complaining about having to watch. In fact, I love a TV series that makes me need to watch it to figure it out. I love TV shows that make me need to think and listen.

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But that doesn’t mean the ending to The Witcher Season 1 was all that easy to understand. At least we know that the three storylines have reached the same timeline. The events in the battle were happening (at least, they seemed to be) at the same time as Geralt was suffering from the monster bite.

At the very end, Yennifer used her chaos. She unleashed it to destroy the soldiers fighting in the battle. Apart from Tissaia, it looks like she’s killed absolutely everyone. I’m hoping there are children out there that she didn’t harm considering how much she wanted to get the children away from the battle. I’m also hoping those inside the castle walls were somewhat protected considering she wanted Tissaia to save Sabrina.

Anyway, Yennifer destroyed everything and then just disappeared. Tissaia was left looking around for her, and in his delirium, Geralt went out to the battlefield to search for her. Geralt and Yennifer are linked by destiny. It’s clear that the second season is going to involve him searching for Yennifer, especially now that he’s found Ciri, his Child Surprise.

The Witcher – Credit: Katalin Vermes
The Witcher – Credit: Katalin Vermes /

Yes, at the very end, Geralt and Ciri did finally find each other. Despite both being in the castle when it was attacked, both went on their own journey after the death of Queen Calanthe. Geralt knew that he was looking for Ciri but had to figure out whether she’d been taken by the soldiers, killed, or was running.

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All Ciri knew was that she needed to find Geralt. That was her grandmother’s dying wish, but she had no idea who she was really looking for. That changed the minute she spotted him. She knew that this was the Witcher she was in search for, the one who would protect her. And so, the two are united.

Of course, the first thing Ciri asked was “who’s Yennifer?” It turns out that Ciri’s destiny is also linked to Yennifer’s. The Witcher Season 2 should give us a journey of Geralt and Ciri both searching for Yennifer together. Is Ciri going to be the child Yennifer yerns for? Someone to raise? All three have magical abilities, so it makes sense for Yennifer and Geralt to help Ciri understand what she is and manage her powers.

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What did you think of The Witcher‘s Season 1 finale? What questions do you have after that ending? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Witcher is available on Netflix with Season 2 coming sometime in 2021.