Bad Boys For Life review: Does part 3 get epic status?


Bad Boys For Life is in theaters now and the initial release exploded the box office. The movie goes way beyond expectations and is worth every cent at the big screen.

Even though it’s incredibly been 17 years since Bad Boys II hit the screens, Bad Boys For Life absolutely destroyed predictions and broke records in its opening weekend. I intended to watch the first two again before heading to the theater, but I ended up scrapping that idea in the interest of time.

I decided I probably remembered enough and went on to the show. I was right, the Bad Boys films are totally epic. I remembered everything and a17-year pause didn’t exist. For those who may not have seen the others, don’t let that discourage you from going to the big screen to check out this absolutely action-packed, epic adventure.

With only a few hat tips and references to past films for enhancement of the story, this one can easily stand alone. Clearly, time has passed since the plotline of the last show, but the characters were true to form. Without fail, it picked up exactly as it was before.

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith were exactly the same guys as always. The immediate first scene follows Mike’s stunt man skills tearing through Miami at top speed like a video game while Marcus threatens to lose his lunch and Mike warns him against it.

Bad Boys 3 has the partners in a predicament, as usual. I will admit things were slow for about 20 minutes, but this was to lay down some info for us. Then BOOM, the thing happens that fuels the rest of the film. Mike has a hard time convincing Marcus, who just wants to retire and fix his ceiling fan, but after yet another BOOM situation, Marcus can’t let this one go. “One more time,” they decide.

Check out the trailer right here to get a glimpse:

It was 28 minutes before I cried for the first time during this movie, though I had a threat a little sooner. I’ll admit, I’m not afraid to let a tear roll when it may, but I brought my adult son with me and he was very clearly fighting it back like a big man.

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If you’ve seen the other Bad Boys films, you will have an attachment to these characters and their history, so you will see why this single incident literally brought an audible gasp from the entire audience. After that, we went right back to the Bad Boys we know and love.

We have the music, the clothes, the silliness in the face of incredible danger, and the edge of your seat action. I don’t know who comes up with these particular danger scenarios, but they are largely unpredictable and visually incredible.

Despite the life threatening situations, you can count on Martin to deliver his one-liners and odd logic that had me laughing to the point I couldn’t catch my breath. My favorite moment for comedy was after the rubber bullet incident. You’ll see what I mean.

As for the rest of the cast, you will see some returning faces, keeping the story true to history. Of course, the Captain plays his role and does so with a zest like never before. He’s every bit as angst ridden and ulcer driven as before, chugging down Pepto while he curses like a machine.


On that note, be aware that this movie has no shortage of very heavy language. It is NOT for young folk or those easily offended. I’m not sure who pulled those strings, but there may be some award due for most uncommonly heard bad words in one film.

Supporting roles carried a lot of familiar faces, as well. Vanessa Hudgens was leaps and bounds from High School Musical with her viking braids and Bad Boys mentality. I actually didn’t even realize it was her until the credits!

And do stay for the credits, by the way. There’s one unanswered question at the end and you’ll need to hang tight to see what became of that one character. You’ll also note the lead-in for a fourth Bad Boys movie to come. Word is, that’s happening.

And speaking of Vikings, I was super thrilled to see Alexander Ludwig on-screen, though his docile tech genius character wasn’t what I was used to. Don’t worry though, it would be foolish to waste that son of Ragnar demeanor – he does eventually do a little something.

There is also a cool cameo you’ll have to be pretty involved to see. I’ll leave it at that to see if you can find it. And when you ask yourself if that other guy is John Goodman with special effects on his face, when you’re like, “is that him? Is it?” Well, it’s not. It’s actually Happy Anderson (Mindhunter). He’s super believable and it was a great scene.

As usual, I like to note when there’s a good time to sneak off to the bathroom or to refill your popcorn or whatever. In this event, I suggest waiting until they’re on the plane, though you will miss a few funnies. Aside from that, stay seated because it’s one thing after another with no time to spare.

If you’re a lover of Bad Boys since day one, this third film will absolutely not disappoint you. But you will be very surprised at the twist. I saw it coming, but only moments before it was revealed. And believe me, it’s a big one. And if this is your first Bad Boys experience, have no fear, you will still enjoy the movie very completely.

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I honestly suggest you hustle to the theater and see this right now. As a matter of fact, I would even go back and spend the bucks to see it a second time. This movie will be great on my TV but with the amount of action and mayhem, you’re going to want to experience this in the large way it was intended.

Bad Boys For Life is now playing in theaters.