Bob’s Burgers: Will we eventually be seeing a Central Park crossover?

Bob’s Burgers isn’t the only project that Loren Bouchard has going on. Central Park is set to air on Apple TV but will the two shows ever intersect?

Creating Bob’s Burgers is no doubt a tremendous responsibility along with any other TV show. If there is one person who shoulders a lot of that responsibility, it’s creator Loren Bouchard. For years, his sole focus has been on the show. While he has done some other things, everything usually leads back to Bob’s Burgers. However this year, we’re getting a new series from Bouchard entitled Central Park which is airing on Apple TV.

At this point, we don’t have an exact date when Central Park is going to air. Either way, it’s a huge step for Bouchard. While he’s created other shows in the past, none have achieved as high a level of success as Bob’s Burgers. No doubt the Belchers were part of the reason why he was given the green light for Central Park. While Bouchard has assured that Bob’s won’t go on the back burner, there are still some lingering questions.

There are always typical questions such as if the follow-up series will be as well-received as the previous or if it will have a similar style. As evidenced by the preview, it seems like the two shows share a similar art style. With that being said, there is one big question that hasn’t really been tackled. Will there ever be a crossover between Bob’s Burgers and Central Park in the future?

Answering this question isn’t easy as crossovers can be tough to pull off. No doubt they don’t want the crossover to seem gimmicky nor do they want it to be so quick that barely anyone notices. It’s a tough balance since you want to keep fans of the new series happy but still give fans of the other series what they want. Additionally, the crossover needs to be something that works for both shows, not just one.

At this point, it seems like Central Park and Bob’s Burgers will eventually crossover. Maybe I’m just being optimistic but I think the two shows will be similar enough that it won’t be jarring to fans. Nailing down what kind of crossover is going to be tough, though. Perhaps, Bouchard will go the route that he did with Home Movies when one of the characters appeared in a scene of Bob’s Burgers. Not everyone caught it, but it was subtle enough that fans of Home Movies knew it was there.

Looking at another option, Bouchard could have the Belchers going on vacation to Central Park or the Central Park crew traveling to the restaurant. That would be an easy way to combine the two properties without being too obvious. Even though the Belchers don’t vacation much, it’s rumored that the show is set in New Jersey so a day trip to New York wouldn’t be out of the question. As for the Central Park gang, they could have heard a rumor about how good Bob’s burgers are.

Ultimately, the decision is up to Bouchard and the networks. Considering that Fox was okay with an Archer crossover, then it doesn’t seem like Central Park will be a problem. Then again, Fox and FX are owned by the same company. Regardless, it doesn’t seem like a far-fetched idea if the two shows eventually come together.

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Even if there isn’t a crossover, Bouchard might throw a few Easter eggs to give a nod to the Belchers in Central Park. Regardless, it seems like Central Park is going to be an exciting new chapter for Bouchard.

It’s nice to see Bouchard getting the recognition he deserves and being able to create something completely new on an entirely different network. It might not be as beloved as Bob’s Burgers, but no doubt Central Park is going to be something new and fun.