Good Trouble Season 2: Predicting every couple’s fate

Good Trouble’s “Palentine’s Day” episode highlighted several couples and gave us an idea of where everyone is headed. Here’s our predictions for each pair in the remainder of Season 2.

Good Trouble Season 2, Episode 15 brought nearly everyone together for a Valentine’s Day celebration at the Coterie. The biggest takeaway was that there were a number of developments involving established and budding relationships.

Love may be in the air this time of year, but I have a bad feeling some couples may not last much longer. Here are my bold predictions for every couple by the time Season 2 ends.

Davia and Dennis

Yes, I’m starting things off with a duo that have yet to establish their relationship. The slow build for them to get together has been a double-edged sword for the Coterie members and fans alike. Perhaps the best part of the anticipation has been watching Davia and Dennis learn more about themselves before getting fully involved with each other.

After months of “will they or won’t they,” Episode 15 seemingly proved they’re well on their way to confessing their love. An established relationship between the stubborn, yet tender pair will only spell good trouble from here on out.

Prediction: Davia and Dennis will (finally) be a couple.

Mariana and Raj

I was all for Mariana and Raj being an item in the first season, but recent events in Season 2 have me worried that we’re nearing the end of their time together. Mariana has her boss Evan looming at every turn, while Raj has Mariana’s roommate Isabella on his mind more than ever. The worst part might be that Isabella knows Raj’s interests better than Mariana does.

I have a feeling that Mariana and Raj have bad trouble on the horizon. However, I don’t think this is the end just yet. By the end of Season 2, the couple will have confronted their fears about each other and possible feelings for other people. It may get ugly at times, but I have hope that their love is stronger than the roadblocks.

Prediction: Mariana and Raj will still be together.

Good Trouble

GOOD TROUBLE – “Re-Birthday” – ItÕs Davia’s birthday and the Coterie group goes out for an epic competitive bar-crawl, causing tensions to run high between the romantic ÒrectangleÓ of Callie, Jamie, Gael and Bryan; and a surprising run-in with Callie and MarianaÕs brother, Brandon. Meanwhile, Alice struggles with Sumi’s constant flirtations during the evening, while Mariana and Raj bond. This episode of “Good Trouble” airs Tuesday, March 12 (8:00 – 9:01 P.M. EDT) on Freeform. (Freeform/Eric McCandless)

Malika and Isaac

Malika and Isaac have somewhat flown under the radar since establishing their relationship. We’ve seen them interact a handful of times, but many of their scenes revolved around Malika’s legal troubles or family matters. Episode 15 featured a big moment as Malika learned of Isaac’s anxiety and how he hasn’t sought professional help for it.

That vulnerable moment proved that their love could certainly stand the test of time. Hopefully the remainder of Season 2 will highlight their relationship even more as Good Trouble fans continue falling in love with them.

Prediction: Malika and Isaac will be stronger than ever.

Alice and ???

As we learned in Episode 14, Alice and Joey are split up for right now. I can’t say this is a huge surprise considering there was always something coming between the two. Lately that something was Lindsay and Sumi. Lindsay and Joey are former lovers and Alice and Sumi used to be a couple, but Season 2 flipped them around and even had all four become intertwined in each other’s lives.

Now that Alice is single and playing match maker for Davia and Dennis, I have to wonder if Alice will find love and happiness again by the season’s end. Out of the field she’s currently involved with, I’d honestly prefer she stay single. Alice and Joey would make for a fine couple, but they have a number of issues to get past, and two of them are their exes.

Prediction: Alice stays single.

Callie and Jamie

As much as some of us enjoy looking at Jamie, I fear he may not be around much longer. I always felt torn when it came to whether Callie should be with Jamie or Gael. Now I’m wishing I had rooted for Gael just a little bit more.

Let’s be honest, Callie and Jamie are in the middle of a slow-motion car crash. From opposing political views to being on opposite sides of a legal case, these two might just be better rivals than lovers if they can’t set the differences aside. The look on Callie’s face at the end of “Palentine’s Day” when she found out about Jamie’s past proposal felt like a mixture of relief and fear.

Callie obviously isn’t ready to be engaged to Jamie, yet that look in her eyes said she may not want to be with him much longer, period. I would love to see them work it out, but I’m going to predict Callie will call it quits very soon.

Prediction: Callie and Jamie will break up.

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What are your bold predictions for the Good Trouble couples? Do you think Callie and Jamie are meant to be? Sound off below!

Good Trouble airs every Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on Freeform.