Bob’s Burgers: Battle of Louise’s adventures including Season 10

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Season 5’s “Adventures in Chinchilla-sitting” vs Season 7’s “Flu-ouise”

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Moving onto the last matchup is Season 5’s “Adventures in Chinchilla-sitting” and Season 7’s “Flu-ouise.” Starting off with “Adventures in Chinchilla-sitting,” this one was an easy pick as it has adventure in the title.

The episode follows Louise as she pairs up with her siblings, Tammy and classmate Wayne as they try to get their class chinchilla back after Wayne accidentally lets it outside. “Adventures in Chinchilla-sitting” is such a wacky episode that takes Louise places we’ve never even seen before.

Moving on, there’s Season 7’s “Flu-ouise.” This episode features Louise getting the flu and the ensuing fever dream she has after getting angry at the family. Eventually, she realizes that maybe she was too harsh and she learns the error of her ways. Based on The Wizard Of Oz, this is another episode that’s wacky and isn’t afraid to go the extra mile. With the different creatures, a Kuchi Kopi guide and multiple songs, this episode is equal parts heartwarming and kooky. Even though it’s only a dream, it’s a huge adventure for Louise and was the first episode that came to mind when thinking of this list.

And The Winner Is… “Flu-ouise.” There was no way that “Flu-ouise” wasn’t going to be the winner. This episode is unlike any other Bob’s Burgers episode and nothing since has even come close. This adventure is scary, funny and sad while still being entertaining. Overall, the episode does a great job of focusing on Louise and laying out an exciting adventure. Between the two, “Flu-ouise” was the clear winner.