How will Disney handle the release of Bob’s Burgers: The Movie?


Fans have been eager for Bob’s Burgers: The Movie since its announcement. With recent theaters closures, how will Fox handle its release this summer?

It’s hard to think only a few months ago, we didn’t believe Bob’s Burgers: The Movie was going to happen at all. Thankfully, the show’s creator, Loren Bouchard was quick to assure us we were still getting the movie. With everything blown over, it seemed like we were in the clear but it didn’t last for long. Currently, Hollywood is on pause due to the novel coronavirus especially when it comes to movies.

Since movie theaters aren’t an essential business, they’re sadly shut down. It doesn’t help that they’re known for being a cesspool of germs, too. With the closure of theaters, a lot of movies set to be released theatrically are either being postponed or released digitally. Most notably, Wonder Woman 1984 has been pushed from June to August. With Bob’s Burgers: The Movie set to release in July, what options does Disney have for its eventual release?

Before getting starting, it’s only right to say we haven’t heard any news about the movie. We don’t know if it’s being postponed, released digitally or ending up in theaters as scheduled. I’m just talking about the different routes Disney could decide to go. Maybe they’ll do something on the list above or even, something entirely different. Either way, we don’t have any answers yet but hopefully soon.

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Of course, the first option is for Disney to postpone the release of the movie. The film was announced back in the summer of 2017. Since then, we haven’t heard about the movie aside from some tidbits from Bouchard. The rest of the cast hasn’t really discussed which is no doubt a bit worrisome. We also don’t currently have a trailer or even, a teaser. With a complete lack of substance, it could mean the film being pushed back to a later date. Add in the closures and there is plenty of reason to believe this would happen.

Another option is Disney releasing the film as planned. While we don’t have a clear timetable of when theaters will reopen, July is a possibility. Considering it’s almost April, it would mean about three and a half months for now. Things could change a lot during that time period and by then, theaters could be open. While I’m not getting my hopes up too high, the thoughts of watching Bob’s Burgers: The Movie at the movie theater would be delightful.

An option a lot of recent movies have been doing is releasing their films digitally rather than in a theater. For Disney though, it would make sense for them to use Hulu. You can already stream the entire series on Hulu. If you pay for Hulu, then you’d have access to the film. It would be a nice way to still allow fans to watch but not much fanfare. Rather, the film would get a more quiet showing, not surprising to fans of the series. Of all the options, this seems the most unlikely but who knows?

Lastly is releasing the film digitally but at a set price. This is a similar idea to watch as NBC Universal did with their films. They released The Hunt, Emma, The Invisible Man and eventually, Trolls World Tour at a set price for 48 hours. While the price is slightly higher than a movie ticket at $19.99, it does allow people to watch for two days, rather than only once. Either way, it’s an idea Fox could implement when it comes to Bob’s Burgers: The Movie.

Of all the options listed, none seems to fit better than the others. Hopefully, none have to even be considered and we’ll get to watch in the theater. If not, then there are multiple avenues to go down with the film. As long as we get to see the movie, most of us won’t complain. Until then, we have a huge backlog of episodes we can watch and re-watch before the movie gets here.

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Bob’s Burgers airs Sundays on Fox at 9/8c. 

What do you think will happen with Bob’s Burgers: The Movie? Any hopes for what will be featured in the movie? Be sure to let us know in the comments! For more information about COVID-19, visit the CDC’s website or the website for your state’s Department of Health.