Bob’s Burgers: 3 ideas for future quarantine episodes

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Bob’s Burgers creator Loren Bouchard teased some future quarantine episodes for Season 11. Here are a few ideas on what it could look like for the Belchers.

With everything currently on pause in Hollywood, a lot of us are looking forward to the following season of our favorite TV shows. It’ll be interesting to see how shows tackle this for their upcoming seasons. Thankfully, the creator of Bob’s Burgers Loren Bouchard has already addressed this. When asked if Bouchard was going to feature some episodes about quarantine, his response was concise but to the point: “Yes, a few! We’re working from our homes on ’em!”

It’s reassuring to hear they’re already working on the episodes. As exciting as it is, it also gives us a lot to think about. If the Belchers are in quarantine, what would an episode possibly look like? In particular, which characters would the episodes focus on and what would the plot center around. With those few questions in mind, let’s get into three possible ideas for episodes where the Belchers are in quarantine.

Episode Idea #1: The Belchers and Teddy are stuck together

No quarantine episode would be complete without the Belchers and Teddy. Somehow, those six always end up in trouble together. That’s why it would be hilarious if Teddy got stuck with the family inside the restaurant. When disease threatens all of Ocean Avenue, residents are advised to stay where they are or get home as soon as possible. With Teddy living farther away, he decides to stay with the Belchers in the restaurant.

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No doubt this first idea wouldn’t appeal to Bob but would make for a fun episode. In normal Teddy fashion, he’d be overjoyed while everyone couldn’t care less. Either way, keeping the Belchers and Teddy stuck together would be a good episode. Pairing Teddy up with any member of the Belcher family almost always ends hilariously. For a quarantine episode, hopefully, Teddy does get stuck with the Belchers.

Episode Idea #2: Louise uses the quarantine to make money

Moving to a character-centric episode, there is no way Louise Belcher wouldn’t take advantage of what’s going on. Despite being in quarantine, she’d still have a scheme. This time, she’d take to selling her own masks. Of course, Louise wouldn’t make them but rather employ Linda, Tina and Gene to make them. As for what the masks could be made out of, it would basically be anything that doesn’t belong to Louise such as aprons from the restaurant, clothes or part of the couch.

While Louise will eventually get caught, it would be a unique take on quarantine. Of all the characters, Louise is the one who use the quarantine as a scheming opportunity. Even if the writers don’t go with this exact idea, they should have an episode focusing on Louise. She’s the perfect character to try to make some quick cash during the quarantine. It might not be right but it’s fun which is basically Louise’s motto.

Episode Idea #3: Bob figures out a way to keep the restaurant afloat

Last but not least is an episode focused on Bob in which he tries to run the restaurant during the quarantine. With the restaurant being considered “non-essential” aside from takeout, Bob would have to come up with a ploy to get customers in the door. More than likely, this would stem from a feud with Jimmy Pesto. As with most of their feuds, it would escalate until it reaches a boiling point. Hopefully this time, Bob ends up being able to keep the restaurant open as Bob’s Burgers has been in jeopardy more than once.

While the idea might hit hard for some now, this is one fellow small-business owners can relate to. As much as we love the restaurant, it’s still a small business. Similar to Bob’s idea of selling Teddy’s homemade beer in “Speakeasy Rider,” it could end up being more stressful. Either way, Bob always finds a way out of trouble and keeps the restaurant for another day so quarantine will hopefully be a small hurdle for the Belchers.

Overall, the amount of episode ideas is endless. With almost all of us living in quarantine currently, it’s hard to think about a show tackling it. With Bob’s Burgers though, we probably won’t see these episodes for possibly a year. By then, all of this should be behind us and we’ll be able to watch new episodes of Bob’s Burgers. Until then, we all just have to do our part and stay home to watch old episodes of Bob’s Burgers.

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