Bob’s Burgers: Which Season 10 episode is Emmy material?

Which Season 10 episode of Bob’s Burgers should be considered for an Emmy?

Season 10 of Bob’s Burgers was incredible. Considering it started back in September and wrapped up at the end of May, there have been a lot of episodes. In particular, this season has focused more on the family rather than the secondary characters. That’s why it might be tough to narrow down which episode should be submitted to the Academy.

Despite winning in 2014 and 2017, Bob’s Burgers still has yet to win another Emmy. Last year was won by The Simpsons but 2020 could be the year of the Belchers. Looking back at the 22 episodes, there is no shortage of quality episodes. While the show usually picks a Tina-centric episode, they could change up their formula this year.

Either way, there’s really no right or wrong answer as it’s up to the people who work on the show. This is just a little bit of fun and a way to look back at Season 10. Obviously, this is subjective as these are the episodes I consider Emmy material. If you have other ideas, be sure to let us know in the comments.

These three Season 10 Bob’s Burgers episodes could be considered for an Emmy.

Season 10 has been a bit of a mixed bag. Some seasons, there will be countless episodes the show could submit for Emmy consideration. Even so, it was tough to narrow it down to just three episodes. Unlike the show’s previous entries, I didn’t end up picking any Tina episodes. It might be controversial but nevertheless, here are my three Season 10 picks.

Looking back at the beginning of Season 10, one episode stood out and that’s “The Hawkening: Look Who’s Hawking Now!” The episode follows Louise and Bob as they agree to host a never-before-seen Hawk & Chick movie.

Things are going great until the actor who plays Hawk runs off. Eventually, all is revealed but not before we find out exactly why Hawk didn’t want anyone to see the footage.

It’s no surprise this episode made the cut. It focuses on the Belchers and side characters while still having an exciting story. Once again, there are parallels to Bob and Louise’s relationship, giving it a sentimental angle. The episode is the perfect blend of heartfelt while still having its funny moments. Somehow, Bob’s Burgers team always strikes that balance perfectly. While Tina’s usually in the spotlight, it could be Louise’s time to shine.

The second episode is another where the Belchers are joined by a side character. In “Just The Trip,” the Belcher family goes along with Nat to deliver a snake to her ex-girlfriend’s sanctuary. Along the way, everything goes wrong, especially for Bob. Thankfully, they get there all in one piece with some embarrassment aside. In the end, Nat’s happy so it feels alright.

This was tricky as it was either going to be “The Ring (But Not Scary)” or “Just The Trip” as both episodes with Nat were amazing. While the first is sentimental, this one is more relatable as we’ve all been on a crazy road-trip. Even though the episode is supposed to center around Nat, the Belchers are never out of the spotlight.

The entire story revolves around their issues in the car but it makes for a good episode. In particular, the sweet moment with Bob realizing the memories are more important is the icing on the cake.

For the third and final episode, this was an incredibly easy pick. “Poops!… I Didn’t Do It Again” is easily one of the best Louise episodes. The episode follows Louise as she’s trying to get over her fear of pooping in public before the big aquarium trip. Things go sour as she can’t poop until she gets the aquarium where she and Bob decide to go together. It’s a surprisingly heartfelt yet relatable episode.

What makes it Emmy material though is how the show deals with the topic. It doesn’t belittle Louise or Bob for their struggles. If anything, it puts their discomfort at the forefront. Eventually, they’re able to get over it but not without each other. Maybe it’s something about the duo of Bob and Louise but they always play off each other beautifully. This is one of those episodes that will stick with you after watching and that’s exactly why it should be considered for an Emmy.

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Picking an episode to submit for the Emmys probably isn’t easy. Either way, Bob’s Burgers is an incredible show so it’ll be hard to narrow down. While those three episodes are amazing to me, the team might feel differently. No matter what they pick, hopefully, 2020 will be their lucky year.

Which Season 10 episodes do you think are Emmy material? Any you think I missed out on? Be sure to let us know in the comments.