Control Z Season 1: Who the hacker was and the ending explained

CONTROL Z Season 1 - Courtesy of Ana Cristina Blumenkron/Netflix
CONTROL Z Season 1 - Courtesy of Ana Cristina Blumenkron/Netflix /

Who turned out to be the hacker on Control Z on Netflix?

Control Z is a Mexican Netflix Original that is more than worth the watch. Throughout the course of eight episodes, (well, actually six, as that’s when the hacker is revealed), we tried to piece together the clues to figure out who the hacker was. Who revealed all the school’s secrets?

Unlike Pretty Little Liars, the show didn’t drag out the big reveal. We learned by the time of the finale who the hacker was.

At one point, Sofi suspected new kid Javi. It even looked like she believed it was him at one point. That was until she found the missing pieces of the puzzle to figure out the truth.

Of course, you didn’t think the reveal of the hacker would mean the end of the series, right? There are so many more questions and there is plenty of potential for a second season. But for now, you need to know who the hacker is and what happened in the end of Control Z Season 1.

The hacker revealed on Control Z Season 1

It took until Episode 6 to reveal who the hacker was. As Sofi and Raul laid in bed, the camera panned down to underneath Raul’s bed. The mask the hacker had worn was down there.

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Episode 7 gave us a look at how Raul orchestrated it all. It all started with him showing his friends all his dad’s stolen items. That immediately led to his friends talking about him behind his back. Of course, because of his money, they were never going to turn their backs on their “friend.” Raul realized his friends were using him.

At the same time, he’d been blackmailed by Bruno, who had hacked Raul’s phone and got the photos. Raul decided to pay Bruno to help him hack into every phone in the school. He got all the secrets deeply hidden, and chose to reveal them all.

Of course, he had to reveal something of his own to avoid suspicion, but his secret wasn’t exactly his own. It was his dad’s. That was my first clue that Raul was involved in some way.

Raul also turned to Sofi for help right away. He placed himself in the middle of the investigation with Sofi from the very beginning, which set off some alarm bells. He was extremely quick to make Sofi second-guess Javi.

All of this was done for Sofi, based on her own words. She just wanted a world where people told the truth. That’s what Raul gave her. Although, she certainly wasn’t happy about it.

What will happen next?

Armed with the information that Raul was the hacker, Sofi managed to orchestrate a plan to unveil his secret to everyone. Javi was more than happy to help, recording the conversation as Raul admitted that he was the hacker.

Raul managed to reveal everyone’s secrets. It’s caused havoc in the school, as friends turn on each other. However, there’s something much more serious.

Finding out that Luis wasn’t the hacker, Gerry feels all the more guilty for the fight. Luis is now dead and Gerry was close to killing himself. Instead, he took the fight to Raul, threatening to kill him. Javi got in the way and took a bullet to the gut.

Revealing secrets has escalated to something much bigger. It looks like Javi is dead, too. Gerry is the guilty party, but none of this would have happened if it wasn’t for Raul’s actions. There’s so much to cover on Control Z Season 2.

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What did you think of Control Z? What were your favorite moments of the first season? Did you guess who the hacker was? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Control Z is available to stream on Netflix.