Bob’s Burgers: Which Season 1 episode is most memorable?

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Which Season 1 episode of Bob’s Burgers is completely unforgettable?

Before Season 9, we looked at the most underrated episodes of Bob’s Burgers. No matter what show you love, there are always episodes that don’t get the love they deserve. Before Season 11 though, we’re changing them up a little bit.

Rather than looking at the most underrated episode from each season, I’m going to focus on which episode is the most memorable. Whether it be because of a milestone, a special guest-star, or some awesome character development, it’s all about which episode people still talk about today.

It’s kicking off with Season 1 of Bob’s Burgers. As many fans will tell you, Season 1 is an outlier when it comes to the series. The show hadn’t gained its footing yet and it’s obvious.

The jokes are a lot more cringe and are geared more towards a Family Guy audience than what the show became. Additionally, Season 1 only had a 13-episode run which was ultimately cut shorter than they had hoped for.

As much as I shade Season 1, it isn’t that bad. It helped set up the molds for the characters we’ve grown to love. We’re introduced to some beloved side characters and even, some extremely minor characters who show up later.

The premise for each episode is also completely off-the-wall, starting a trend that has carried into Season 10. With only 13 episodes to choose from though, which one could be most memorable?

These three Season 1 episodes of Bob’s Burgers are weird but noteworthy.

In coming up with an answer to this question, there is no way to get around having some honorable mentions. Despite Season 1’s shortcomings, the episodes are unlike anything the show’s done since. While Bob’s Burgers has taken some liberties, nothing can compare to Season 1. The show has grown a lot since then but these three episodes, in particular, stand the test of time for a reason.

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The first honorable mention is Season 1, Episode 2, “Crawl Space.” This is still one of the best Bob episodes the show has ever produced.

After finding out his in-laws are coming to stay with him, Bob pretends to get stuck in the wall. It’s all fun and games until Bob gets stuck in the wall. From then on, Bob loses his mind while he’s in there including hallucinating that he’s in his version of The Shining.

What truly caps off the episode is the ending in which Gloria, Linda’s mother ends up saving the day. While things didn’t go exactly as planned for Bob, it’s memorable.

While the show has yet to return to an episode with such a “dark” subject matter, it’s still creepy which our friends at 1428 Elm agree with. While it’s not the most memorable episode of the season, no way it wasn’t getting an honorable mention.

The next honorable mention has to be “Art Crawl.” This episode is memorable for multiple reasons. First, it’s our introduction to Linda’s sister, Gayle. We truly learn about how unstable she is and the things she’ll do for attention. Second, the episode is one long montage of animal buttholes. Then there’s the plot twist at the end with Linda which was completely unexpected.

“Art Crawl” starts with Bob and the kids looking at local art to make fun of it. Things are going great until they get back to the restaurant and see Gayle has hung up her “anus” paintings much to Bob’s dismay.

He quickly gets on board though when Edith tries to have him censor the work. Later, the paintings are vandalized and we find out who the culprit is. Once again, this is a super weird episode but one that you won’t forget easily after watching it.

The most memorable episode of Bob’s Burgers Season 1 is….

Now is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. With the honorable mentions out of the way, it’s time to talk about the most memorable episode of Season 1.

For Season 1, the honor has to go to “Human Flesh.” Some might disagree with the choice, but there was no way the show’s premiere wasn’t going to top the list. It introduced the world to Bob’s Burgers and we haven’t looked back since.

The episode follows the family as they’re getting ready to reopen the restaurants. Things are going great until a rumor is spread that they use human meat from the crematorium. It sends the family and most of the town into a panic.

Every time the family tries to fix something, it all goes wrong and they end up back to square one. Even nine seasons later, the Belchers are still struggling like they were back then.

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Aside from introducing us to the Belchers, the episode also gave us some insight into Bob and Linda’s relationship. We’re also introduced to Hugo who becomes Bob’s nemesis. While the jokes are a little bit risque for the show now, it seemed to work when it premiered.

Plus, we wouldn’t even be talking about Season 10 if it weren’t for “Human Flesh.” While the episode is weird and not for everyone, it’s easily the most memorable from Season 1.

Which Season 1 episode of Bob’s Burgers do you think is most memorable? Would you have picked “Human Flesh” as the most memorable episode? Be sure to let us know in the comments!