Bob’s Burgers: Which Season 2 episode is most memorable?

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Bob’s Burgers Season 2 was short but memorable. Which episode stood out most?

Two weeks ago, we talked about the most memorable episode of Season 1. While Season 1 of Bob’s Burgers started the series, it’s not everyone’s favorite. If Season 1 didn’t make you into a fan, then Season 2 was probably more your speed. With only nine episodes making up Season 2, there isn’t a lot to chose from so it’s going to be an especially tough challenge.

Rather than looking at the most underrated episode from each season, I’m going to focus on which episode is the most memorable. Whether it be because of a milestone, a special guest-star, or some awesome character development, it’s all about which episode people still talk about today.

Before getting into the most memorable episodes though, let’s talk a little bit about Season 2 of Bob’s Burgers. The major issue with Season 2 was that it was supposed to be longer but Fox decided to hold the remaining episodes until Season 3. I’m not sure why Fox couldn’t have let Season 2 play out as intended. Instead, we got a very short Season 2 and it still doesn’t make any sense.

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As for what Season 2 is remembered for, there is a multitude of things. First, we were introduced to some side characters who would play bigger roles. In Season 2, we met Tammy, Darryl, and Mickey who became beloved side characters.

Season 2 also featured the first glimpse of character-driven episodes not solely named after Bob. Last but not least, the show managed to gain its footing with its humor. Of the nine episodes in Season 2, which one was the most memorable?

Season 2 has two honorable mentions that still delight eight years later.

With how short Season 2 of Bob’s Burgers was, it was tough to narrow down just two episodes as honorable mentions. Oddly enough, Season 2 has a few episodes that are off-the-wall and are unforgettable after you watch.

The first honorable mention is “Bob Day Afternoon.” This episode was an excellent way to kick off Season 2 of the series. It features Bob who unknowingly gets himself in a hostage situation when trying to deliver food during a bank robbery. In the episode, Bob befriends Mickey, the bank robber and eventually, convinces him to let everyone go which he does. While things don’t go as planned for Mickey, Bob is eventually able to get home to his family.

Overall, the episode is completely wacky but had a lot of love. Whether it be Linda declaring she’ll “do anything” to get Bob back to Louise befriending Mickey, this episode demonstrates what we’ve come to love about Bob’s Burgers. While it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s a good starter episode if you’re just getting into the series.

As for the second honorable mention, it has to go to “Bad Tina.” This is the first episode where Tina’s name is actually in the episode title. In this episode, Tina meets the new girl Tammy and falls into a rabbit hole of bad behavior with her. Eventually, Tammy turns out to be terrible but Tina raises above her and is able to do things her own way. Her way involves reading her Erotic Friend Fiction but it’s Tina’s way.

For fans of Tina, this is a great place to start and gives us a lot of insight into Tina’s character and her obsession with butts. While things don’t go her way, Tina is able to stay true to herself. On the whole, the episode is just so weird but it has the standard Bob’s Burgers charm. Plus Bob becomes obsessed with patty cake so there’s something for everyone.

And the most memorable Season 2 episode of Bob’s Burgers goes to…

The most memorable episode of Season 2 has to be “Beefsquatch.” This time, the focus is on Gene and Bob which is rare. When Bob films himself for a cooking segment with Gene in the background, Gene becomes a local day-time star much to Bob’s dismay. Things eventually escalate into a full-on war between father and son until Linda puts a stop to it by flashing her boobs to the camera.

“Beefsquatch” earned the top spot for a few reasons. First, it introduced us to “Beefsquatch” who Gene brings back from time-to-time. Second, we rarely see Bob and Gene paired up together so it’s nice to see it as early as Season 2. There’s also a random plotline with Tina having a boyfriend who is basically her twin and it’s strange but funny. Ultimately, the episode is a great example of how lovable yet off-the-wall Gene can be.

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Picking a memorable episode for Season 2 was tough. However, it was fun to look back and see how the show has grown. Season 2 probably isn’t anyone’s favorite season, but it was a great starting place for the series. If you have the chance to, you should go back and watch Season 2 over again as you might have a new appreciation for it.

Which Season 2 episode do you think is most memorable? Any episodes you think I missed? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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