The Old Guard ending explained: Betrayals and returns

Breaking down the ending to The Old Guard on Netflix

The Old Guard is the latest movie to hit Netflix and was one of the most highly anticipated releases of the summer. The ending certainly set things up for a sequel, but here’s a breakdown of the events.

It shouldn’t be surprising that Andy and Nile found their missing comrades and saved them from grown-up Dudley Dursley Merrick. We knew it was going to happen, and we also had an idea that one of their own betrayed them.

Andy, Nile, Joe, and Nicky had to decide what to do about Booker since he betrayed them and almost led to permanent imprisonment. They decided that he would be banished from the group for 100 years, living a life of solitude as penance. This would also mean that he and Andy would never see each other again, as Andy learned she’d stopped healing. Within 100 years, she’ll be dead.

Trying to live a life in secret

Andy realized there was a bigger problem. In a world full of photos and social media, it’s going to be impossible for the immortals to live a life of secrecy. There will be people like Copley who figure things out and start looking for them.

The good thing about Copley’s research is that Andy was able to see the good that she’s done over the years. She’d been wondering whether it was all worth it with how bad the world is, but the small victories over the years have led to great things. But there’s still a problem with being tracked.

So, Andy made it clear that Copley—as penance for working with Merrick but because he also helped them escape—will cover up any footprint they leave behind. He’ll be there to make sure they’re not tracked by anyone. His job will also be to find missions that are good for them.

It makes sense. They can continue their good work but without the fear of someone like Merrick coming to capture them.

Will Booker remain alone?

The very end of The Old Guard picks up six months later. We find Booker living a life of solitude, drinking to get through the day. When he gets to his apartment, he realizes that it’s open.

Someone is inside waiting for him.

It’s Quynh, the woman who had once been with Andy throughout the centuries. This was the woman who Nile had dreamed about in the iron cage, drowning and coming back to life.

Andy admitted to Nile that she’s stopped searching for Quynh. Well, it looks like someone had kept looking and now Quynh is back. The question is whether she’s back to get revenge or wants to reunite with Andy.

My guess is finding Booker first is a sign that she’s out for revenge. She won’t be happy that she was left to go through her torturous existence, especially if she’s been out long enough to know that Andy gave up.

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The Old Guard is now streaming on Netflix.

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