7 shows with swords, sex and politics to scratch your Game of Thrones itch

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Here are seven shows for those suffering from Game of Thrones withdrawal

We can’t have a medieval drama or fantasy show these days without people asking if it’s the next Game of Thrones. Whether it’s Carnival Row, The Witcher, the upcoming Lord of the Rings series, this week’s Cursed, or some other such work, every TV property that falls into these subgenres seems to draw comparisons to George R. R. Martin’s hit about war, dragons, politics, and nudity.

With all of that hype, it can be easy to forget that such series existed before and during Game of Thrones and will continue to exist long afterward (and that the show basically sucked after Season 4). Let’s look back at some of those works and see how they distinguished themselves in the crowded TV market.

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What do they bring to the table? How are they similar to Game of Thrones? How are they different? Hopefully, this list will answer those questions and help you determine whether or not you want to give these works a try. If you want to scratch that itch of swords, shields, and political plotting, then these works might be for you.

Before we begin, however, know that the list will only cover those shows with two or more seasons. This will theoretically capture the long-form serialized storytelling that Game of Thrones is known for. Obviously, miniseries and single-season shows tell their tales with more conclusion and immediacy than multi-season products. So, as much as I want to include something like The Pillars of the Earth or the underrated Camelot, it simply wouldn’t feel right, especially for those seeking a time sink.

Without further ado, let’s get started. To go with the Seven Kingdoms, here are seven shows to scratch your Game of Thrones itch.