Tina Marie McCulloch talks casting in the current climate

Tina Marie McCulloch. Photo credit: Liz Rosa
Tina Marie McCulloch. Photo credit: Liz Rosa /

Tina Marie McCulloch discusses casting in a time of a pandemic

While the film and TV industry came to a standstill during COVID-19, things didn’t completely stop. Tina Marie McCulloch owns Tina Marie Casting, a casting business in Vancouver.

She was certainly hard at work to help get ready for projects getting back on the go. Now we’re starting to see some filming start back up, especially in Hollywood North. One of those projects was NarcoLeap Season 2, which is returning sometime in fall 2020.

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Just how hard has it been like casting during the pandemic? And what’s it been like with the Black Lives Matter movement in changes to casting practices? Tina Marie McCulloch shares all in this exclusive interview.

Hidden Remote: What is your No. 1 focus when it comes to casting for roles?

Tina Marie McCulloch: Making sure I honor what the director and producer envision for the roles and showing them exceptional talent.

HR: There’s been a lot of change in focus within the industry as a whole, especially since the BLM movement. Has that affected your job, and if so, how?

TMM: I have been very fortunate the directors and producers I work with have always made best
efforts to have a diverse cast.

HR: It is a challenging industry overall. What do you do to support clients?

TMM: Making sure I’m available to directors and producers 24-7 and having an open and honest
relationship with them.

Tina Marie McCulloch. Photo credit: Liz Rosa
Tina Marie McCulloch. Photo credit: Liz Rosa /

HR: What was your role for projects during the main part of the COVID-19 pandemic, when
everything was put on hold?

TMM: It was much like everyone else; it was a wait and see and making sure we all stayed safe.

HR: What was it like casting for roles during the COVID-19 pandemic? How did that

TMM: I am casting actors by self-tape as we try not to hold in-room sessions at the moment.

HR: When you go from casting to seeing it all play out on screen, is there anything that’s
surprised you the most? Does anything change along the way?

TMM: It’s the most fantastic feeling watching the actors you cast on the big screen and hearing and seeing the reaction from the audience.

HR: What can you tell us about being the Casting Director on NarcoLeap? Is there anyone/any character you’re particularly looking forward to seeing?

TMM: Being a Casting Director on NarcoLeap has taught me a great deal about the business side of things. There is a tremendous amount of pressure on casting to make sure both production and
agents are happy.

I’m looking forward to seeing the new character Luisa, she is very dynamic. It’s going to have a
significant impact on the series.

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NarcoLeap Season 2 is set to premiere in fall 2020. Stay tuned for a date.