Bob’s Burgers: Which Season 7 episode is the most memorable?

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Which Season 7 episode of Bob’s Burgers is unforgettable even now?

Looking back at memorable episodes of Bob’s Burgers has been fun. With Season 11 almost here, we’re entering a new era for the series. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though as we’re talking about Season 7. Season 7 is a memorable season for multiple reasons but personally, it’s the first season I wrote about for Hidden Remote so it’s incredibly special to me.

Apart from that personal reason, Season 7 of Bob’s Burgers featured its classic holiday episodes but also featured its first Easter episode. The show also included a lot more parodies of popular movies and TV shows. Season 7 marks the show returning to form with its 22-episode order after a shortened previous season. Overall, Season 7 was a pretty good season so let’s get into the episodes.

Rather than looking at the most underrated episode from each season, I’m going to focus on which episode is the most memorable. Whether it be because of a milestone, a special guest-star, or some awesome character development, it’s all about which episode people still talk about today. With all the details about Season 7 out of the way, let’s talk memorable episodes.

These three honorable mentions are vastly different but still timeless.

The first honorable mention has to go to “Eggs For Days.” We had yet to see an Easter episode until Season 7 and Bob’s Burgers didn’t disappoint. In the episode, Bob and Linda hide eggs for the kids to find but it goes awry when they get drunk and can’t find the last egg. The kids are upset because they can’t have any candy while Bob and Linda are confused as to how this could even happen. One rotten surprise later and Easter for the Belchers is unlike anything we’ve seen the show tackle before.

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While the episode is mostly about the Easter egg hunt, it also focuses on a lot on the kids’ relationship with Bob and Linda. While they don’t enjoy the egg hunt, they do it for their parents and that’s incredibly sweet. Thus far, Season 7 is the only one to feature an Easter episode, and considering how it plays out, it’s not surprising.

The next honorable mention is another holiday episode and that’s “Teen-a Witch.” The episode is obviously a nod to the 1989 film, Teen Witch. In this Halloween episode, Tina decides to try to become a witch and it’s great until she gets cursed by a fellow witch. Eventually, Tina figures out the truth but not before ruining Tammy’s chance at the school costume contest. We also see Bob getting pranked by an unlikely source and getting a surprise at the end of the episode.

As far as Halloween episodes go, “Teen-a Witch” is more funny than spooky. However, it gives us a new look at Tina and the lengths she’s willing to go to get revenge on Tammy. Coupled with Bob’s big surprise at the end, “Teen-a Witch” is such a stereotypical Bob’s Burgers holiday episode. It’s incredibly fun while having some slightly spooky moments and that’s exactly what the show’s great at.

The last honorable mention is “Paraders of the Lost Float.” This originally served as the show’s Season 7 finale before the bonus episode aired. In quintessential Bob’s Burgers fashion, Teddy and the family team up to hopefully win a parade content. Of course, things don’t go as planned and Bob ends up in his underwear. Either way, the episode is still a lot of fun.

This is among one of the best season finales the show has ever produced. It’s charming and funny while also being slightly sad due to the Belcher’s luck. What really makes the episode is how willing everyone is to accept Bob in the end. That’s truly the moral of the story when it comes to the series as Bob’s Burgers is about struggling. It’s also about finding the good in others and that’s exactly what the other characters see in the Belcher family.

And the most memorable Season 7 episode of Bob’s Burgers is…

The most memorable episode of Season 7 has to be “Flu-ouise.” Serving as Season 7’s premiere, the episode gives us a more in-depth look into Louise’s psyche. Sick with the flu, we got into her fever dream full of Wizard of Oz-like imagery, characters based on her family, and a reappearance by our favorite Kuchi Kopi.

Ultimately, the dream is a play on what she’s dealing with in reality as the family messed up her Kuchi Kopi and she’s trying to reconcile that while also being sick.

Overall, “Flu-ouise” shows us a different side of Louise we rarely see and tells it in such a unique format. This was the perfect episode to kick off Season 7 and it featured some incredible musical moments. As far as Louise episodes go, this has to be one of her best. With such vivid images and a unique premise to boot, this episode is unforgettable from start to finish.

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Season 7 of Bob’s Burgers is available to stream on Hulu.

Do you agree with my Season 7 picks? Any episodes you think I missed? Be sure to let us know your thoughts about Season 7 of Bob’s Burgers below.