5 most-watched HBO Max shows in 2020 according to TV Time users

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The Flight Attendant is one of the most-watched HBO Max shows in 2020

While 2020 has been a terrible year, it has brought us some excellent content to keep us entertained. There were some excellent shows on the WarnerMedia streaming site, HBO Max. It’s time to look at the most-watched HBO Max shows of 2020.

This list is compiled by TV Time, which is an excellent app for tracking your TV viewing. You can track the episodes you’ve watched, stay up to date with when TV shows return, and share your thoughts with the TV Time community about episodes and shows.

The data you input is used just to keep track of which TV shows are most popular and which shows viewers anticipate the most. With that, we now have the most-watched HBO Max shows of 2020 according to TV Time viewers.

Of course, this isn’t official from HBO Max. But it is a good look at which shows have done the best.

Here are the five most-watched HBO Max shows from 2020.

5. Infinity Train

We start the selection of TV shows with an animated fantasy series. Infinity Train offers up a show about Tulip Owens, a 13-year-old girl with computer game programming aspirations. When she ends up trapped on a train one day, she is forced to use her skills to find a way out.

Along the way, Tulip meets a robot called One-One. The two meet a whole selection of weird and wonderful characters, with some of them offering clues to get back home. It’s the perfect show for those who adore animated fantasy and loved Regular Show.

This is different to all the others on this list. It’s not purely a HBO Max Original. Instead, Infinity Train started on Cartoon Network and moved onto HBO Max in 2020.

There isn’t a fourth season of the series just yet and there may not be one. HBO Max feels like the show’s themes may be too dark for children, the intended audience.

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