The Outpost Season 3, Episode 12: Tobin’s tragic sacrifice

Baron Tobin Aegisford makes a tragic sacrifice the latest episode of The Outpost

The Outpost is building towards its season finale on The CW and the tension has ramped up higher than ever. With Yavalla one step closer to taking over The Outpost, Talon, Wren, and Zed grappling with death in the Plane of Ashes every moment counts.

While the life and death stakes are very real, love is also at stake as Tobin must now make a choice. With Falista having released him from his promise, Tobin is now free to make his own choice between his childhood sweetheart Falista and his love for Gwynn.

Whatever Tobin chooses, someone is bound to get hurt, including the viewers cause let’s be honest we’re all too invested in this. It’s not an easy choice for him to make and his choice comes with tragic results.

Tobin’s tragic sacrifice

After seeing Gwynn and Garret smiling and teasing each other Tobin seems to mistakenly believe that the two have rekindled their feelings for each other. He must be unaware of #Garron and the fact that Garret told Talon that she was the only one for him right before she left.

Tobin’s misunderstanding and his remaining affection for Falista from their childhood lead him to officially end his relationship with Gwynn and commit to Falista. Gwynn is clearly heartbroken, as was I because I was totally rooting for Gwynn and Tobin, but Falista was thrilled and overjoyed.

Unbeknownst to the team inside The Outpost, Yavalla’s followers have infiltrated their stronghold, and once Janzo realizes what’s happening, they barely have enough time to build up a barricade and get those who are uninfected to safety. Janzo and Garret are almost caught but Tobin and his men make a heroic last-minute rescue. Then Tobin does an impressive vault and hurls himself through a small hole in the barricade to safety.

It would seem all is well and just as we’re relieved that Tobin, Janzo, and Garret all made it to safety they realize that Falista is missing. And thanks to his renewed commitment and love for Falista, Tobin refuses to just leave her. Even though her Kinj should supposedly protect her.

Falista is back in her chambers, unaware of what has been going on when she is set upon by some of Yavalla’s followers. Her fear causes her Red Kinj to activate and the momentary pain she inflicts on the infected gives her enough time to run into the room and hide.

Hiding isn’t enough though, and the infected soon break into the room and find Falista hiding under the bed. Tobin arrives just in time to stop them and pull Falista to safety. But they still have to make their way to the safety of the other side of the barricade, and that means getting through dozens and dozens of Yavalla’s infected minions.

Tobin and Falista find a path to safety that involves a precarious jump across buildings and Tobin ensures that Falista makes it across safely. But before he can make it across Tobin is stabbed by one of the infected. If that wasn’t enough, just as he is being pulled to the safety of the other side of the barricade he is shot by multiple arrows.

Janzo is summoned but it’s too late because as smart as he is even Janzo can’t reverse death. Tobin tragically dies in Falista’s arms as Gwynn can do nothing but watch and weep. Tobin’s death was not something I expected, as I fully expected him to eventually reunite with Gwynn, and seeing Gwynn and Falista’s pain made it hurt even more.

Is Tobin really gone for good though? It’s hard to say. He seems quite dead at the moment, but you have to look no further than Garret Spears to know that death isn’t always permanent in The Outpost. In fact, Gwynn and Tobin died and came back just mere episodes ago.

The Green Kinj used by Two is still out there, and we have yet to explore the full powers of the Black Kinj which is said to control death. In a show like The Outpost there are plenty of ways Tobin could come back should the writers choose to bring the character back in Season 4.

In the meantime, we’ll say thank you Aaron Fontaine for portraying Tobin so well and RIP Baron Tobin Aegisford. You will be missed (until you maybe return one day).

Were you sad to see Tobin go? Do you think he can be brought back? Let us know!

The Outpost airs Sundays at 9/8c on The CW.