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Walker Season 1, Episode 4 opened up a can of worms regarding Walker’s past and Emily’s death. Just when you thought the case of Emily’s murder was closed, Liam starts to wonder why Captain James recently pulled related surveillance footage. Plus, August uncovered some interesting details on his father’s undercover life.

Tonight, on Walker Season 1, Episode 5, Walker will have to return to his former identity when a woman named Twyla returns to town in the hopes of seeing him. Forced to resume his undercover identity, Micki will find herself roped into the case. Based on the episode’s trailer, Micki might not know what Walker is doing, and it could be that the two are forced on opposite sides of the law.

Undoubtedly, Walker is doing what he’s doing for the sole purpose of keeping his family safe. It sounds like whatever he’s tangled up in could cause serious trouble for the people he loves most if he doesn’t play along.

The promo also teases the subject of the case, something about a missing $300,000! That said, Liam’s voice can be heard defending his brother, noting that he wouldn’t return to his undercover identity unless lives depended on it.

Read the synopsis & watch the promo for Walker Season 1, Episode 5

Walker is forced to resume his undercover identity to keep his family safe; Micki gets caught up in Walker’s old case; August threatens to blow his father’s cover; Trey starts his new job.

How will August handle seeing his father undercover in Walker Season 1, Episode 5?

A brief clip in the promo shows Walker harshly berating August for interfering in the case. He tells August to get away from him and even calls him “kid” instead of “son,” obviously to try and pretend they have no affiliation. August is concerned his dad might take off again, which would be incredibly disappointing after everything they’ve been through.

I doubt that will happen, but it’ll be interesting to see if this incident will bring August and his dad closer together or farther apart.

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Date: Thursday, Feb. 18
Start Time: 8 p.m. ET
Episode: Season 1, Episode 5, “Duke”
TV Channel: The CW
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