Who plays the scary old woman in Ti West’s X movie?

A24's X movie, image courtesy A24
A24's X movie, image courtesy A24 /

Three of the most innocent beings on earth are babies/young children, dogs, and the elderly. At the same time, these three can also be the most terrifying things in horror movies. Ghost children? Nooo thanks! And remember Cujo? Traumatizing. Well, now we have Ti West’s movie making us all afraid of an elderly couple. Particularly scary is Pearl, the old woman in X. Who plays the role of Pearl?

Ti West’s movie is now playing in theaters! If you haven’t seen it, please note there are spoilers ahead as we may tease what happens in the movie. Watch the movie on the big-screen before reading below.

I love the cast of X. Jenna Ortega and Mia Goth are standouts. I’m calling it, Ortega is our next horror scream queen! She’s a great actress and did amazing in Scream 5and her scene in where her character, Lorraine, goes down to the cellar (the image being promoted) is a winning shot! But the focus of the movie centers on Mia Goth’s Maxine. And as it should, because Goth plays both the young and beautiful Maxine, as well as the old frightening woman, Pearl.

Mia Goth is the old woman Pearl in Ti West’s X movie

That’s right, Mia Goth is the old woman who is now giving us all nightmares! Under all that makeup is an unrecognizable Goth. I try to know little to nothing about a new movie walking in, so I admittedly did not know who played Pearl until after the movie.

It makes a lot of sense why the same person would portray both Maxine and Pearl. The movie is about a young woman full of dreams, and another much older woman who wishes her life had gone a different route, the way Maxine’s life is going. This is why Pearl is so envious of Maxine and made Maxine her target.

The rest of the cast is: Martin Henderson as Wayne, Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi  as Jackson Hole,
Brittany Snow as Bobby-Lynne, Owen Campbell as RJ, Stephen Ure as Howard, and James Gaylyn as Sheriff Dentler.

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