The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers (Oct. 9-20): Deacon and Sheila deal with backlash

Sean Kanan of the CBS series THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, Weekdays (1:30-2:00 PM, ET; 12:30-1:00 PM, PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Gilles Toucas/CBS
Sean Kanan of the CBS series THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, Weekdays (1:30-2:00 PM, ET; 12:30-1:00 PM, PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Gilles Toucas/CBS /

Get ready, Bold fans, because it’s going to be a trying week on The Bold and the Beautiful starting Monday, Oct. 9. The soap isn’t taking a break, or airing a rerun, on Indigenous People’s Day so we’ll be dropped back into the pending blow-up scheduled for Deacon and Sheila’s lives as they decide to go public as a couple now that they’re engaged.

On Friday, Oct. 6’s episode, they soft launched their relationship by sitting Finn down to let him know that they’re together, and he no longer needs to see Sheila as a threat to him and his family. His reaction wasn’t great and according to the spoilers I’ll be diving into below, it’s not going to get much better. However, he better buckle up, this isn’t the only family drama he’s about to be in the middle of on the soap.

We also learned that Luna is related to him and that her aunt, Li, would not be happy to learn that she’s working at Forrester Creations as an intern. She was expressly told to stay away from the famous family as her mom, Poppy, reminded her on the phone. Luna said she was going to pursue her dream no matter what and that Finn doesn’t even know she’s working at his wife’s company. I wonder how long that’s going to last.

Also, Thomas and Hope fans, brace for a possible switch up. Hope seems to have taken Finn’s advice, and also possibly his embrace, to heart and with the two now further entangled thanks to their parents, Thope may not be long for this world as a romantic possibility.

Not that they had much of a chance anyway. Sorry Thope shippers but Hope has not been the best love interest to Thomas. She keeps being told she could do better, but I’d say Thomas could do better since she can’t even defend him to anyone who bad mouths him even though she does believe he’s a changed man. But I digress, let’s dive into the spoilers for the week of Oct. 9 and then indulge my plot speculations before I tease what’s supposed to happen the week of Oct. 16!

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Oct. 9-13

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers at a glance (as reported by Soap She Knows):

  • Monday, Oct. 9: Deacon takes a stand when Finn makes a demand of him. Finn’s opinion of Thomas affects Hope.
  • Tuesday, Oct. 10: RJ wants to know more about Luna’s life. Hope is shocked by the reveal of Deacon and Sheila’s relationship.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 11: Deacon tries to diffuse a situation with Hope. RJ and Luna share a kiss.
  • Thursday, Oct. 12: Finn and Hope sympathize with each other over their parents’ romance. Hope tells Brooke and Ridge about Deacon’s bond with Sheila, hoping that they’ll be able to stop him from making what she perceives is a mistake.
  • Friday, Oct. 13: Ridge tells Brooke he already knew about Deacon and Sheila’s relationship. Brooke and Ridge go to speak with Deacon.

As you can see from the above spoilers, the week of Oct. 9 is going to be full of characters opining about Deacon and Sheila. I know they can’t wrap their minds around this relationship but, having watched their bond grow and deepen over the years, this was the logical conclusion if they wanted to move their romance forward. I mean how many more times were they going to have us watch the two separate only for them to reunite again because they love one another.

I’m glad Deacon is finally taking this step to acknowledge his love for Sheila to other people. It’s what she deserves. Not to mention, it’s not like he hasn’t dealt with relationship backlash before. Back when he’d started seeing Quinn Fuller, and then later married her, Hope and Brooke weren’t happy about that either but he still chose love and fulfillment in his own life over their approval. I’m hoping that happens in this storyline as well.

And it’s not like Hope has a leg to stand on considering her romantic feelings are likely to be all wishy-washy on Monday, Oct. 9‘s episode thanks to Finn’s unsolicited advice while Deacon is going to be standing firm in his conviction to be with Sheila in spite of the doctor’s possible demand that they end their relationship.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Finn who tells Hope about the pair’s engagement on Tuesday, Oct. 10 instead of letting her father tell her himself. Though I am hoping that instead she’s simply called down to Il Giardino like Finn was so she can be told. But, as this story gets messy, we’ll at least get to indulge in an innocent romance budding between Luna and RJ.

This should come as no surprise since the young Gen Zs have been flirting and tentatively feeling out a friendship with the potential to blossom into a romance since Luna first appeared on The Bold and the Beautiful. Opening up to her seems to have lit a fire in RJ because he wants to learn more about the fashion intern which will progress toward the early 20somethings kissing on Wednesday, Oct. 11.

Meanwhile, Hope blowing a gasket over her father’s feelings for Sheila will bleed into Thursday, Oct. 12‘s episode as she takes action after commiserating with Finn. Running to Brooke and Ridge is a…choice…considering there really isn’t much they can do about who a grown man decides to spend his time with let alone make plans to marry. It’s not like either of them are backing Il Giardino and could pull the plug on his business.

Also, as Ridge will admit on Friday, Oct. 13, Sheila and Deacon’s relationship has been going on for awhile. He knew about it when he was helping Bill try to take her down with the FBI. In fact, Ridge thought he exploited that connection and it turns out, Deacon was actually the one who had the upper hand since he’s the one who got Sheila’s case thrown out. I doubt that’s going to be revealed when Bridge go to confront Deacon but prepare for fireworks if it does!

We’ll still be dealing with the fallout from Sheila and Deacon’s engagement the week of Oct. 16. STOP reading here if you don’t want minor spoilers for what’s supposed to happen after Friday, Oct. 13.

What happens on The Bold and the Beautiful next week (Oct. 16-20)?

The “intervention” continues on The Bold and the Beautiful . According to Daytime Royalty Online, Brooke informs Deacon of what he’s about to lose. I’d like to know what that’s supposed to mean because it’s not like Hope is actually going to cut her dad out of her life for this.

Sure, they’re all going to be making a lot of noise but Hope knows what it’s like to have a complicated relationship with someone who has done unforgivable things and who few believe has changed. Ma’am, you’re seeing Thomas, let’s be serious.

Sheila, however, has never personally hurt Deacon nor has she endangered Hope. Yes, she meddled with Brooke’s sobriety but that wasn’t a deal breaker for the restaurateur and she is actually a different person with him. Deacon at least has the courage to be honest about how he feels regardless of other people’s opinions, Hope should be taking notes.

Meanwhile, as this dramarama keeps on rolling, Luna’s past is supposed to be catching up with her. I feel like that can only mean either Finn or Li are going to happen upon her at Forrester Creations and I cannot wait to see what this reveals.

Closing out the teasers is the tidbit that Donna will be demanding Eric face the truth. Good for her! While this is his illness to combat, she is his partner and she should be pushing him to stop living in a fantasy world where the only thing that matters is this fashion showdown between him and his son. Get Eric to see reason, Donna, I’m rooting for you!

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