How is Luna related to Finn on The Bold and the Beautiful?

The Bold and The Beautiful Lisa Yamada as Luna Photo © Howard Wise/
The Bold and The Beautiful Lisa Yamada as Luna Photo © Howard Wise/ /

Updated: Oct. 12, 2023 – This post incorrectly states Jack Finnegan is a doctor. He was officially deemed a lawyer on The Bold and the Beautiful. While it’s possible the soap could change his profession for the sake of the storyline, whether by having him be a physician prior to being a criminal defense attorney or otherwise, at the moment that’s not the case.

The plot continues to thicken on The Bold and the Beautiful when it comes to Finn’s family drama. He has his hands full when it comes to his birth mother, Sheila Carter, and her romantic relationship with Deacon Sharpe, but there’s soon to be more on his plate. What he doesn’t know is that his adoptive mother, Li, has her own family issues brewing and bubbling over at Forrester Creations. It turns out he has a tie to the soap’s newest edition, Luna Nozawa.

The 20something fashion student has been interning at the company long enough to garner favor with Finn’s in-laws, though they don’t know she’s related to him. We were first introduced to Luna after she was called over by Donna Logan to bring fabric by the Forrester Mansion while Eric and RJ were working on the icon’s legacy line. She stumbled in, unable to see over the bolts of material she was carrying, but managed to make her way to deposit them on the couch without incident.

When she turned around, catching RJ’s eye, it was clear that the soap was welcoming a love interest for Ridge Forrester’s namesake. But by the time her phone started ringing and she picked up to receive an earful from a mysterious voice on the line about needing to stay away from the Forresters, we also learned that Luna would be in the middle of her own storyline.

The pieces have been steadily falling into place since her introduction. So far we know that her mother Poppy (played by Romy Park) is a free-spirit. She’s also the sister of Li, Finn’s mother, making Luna his cousin. There, however, has been speculation that the good doctor and the budding fashion designer share a closer connection than what’s been said on the soap. Here’s why that is.

The jury is still out on whether Luna and Finn are really cousins on Bold and the Beautiful

There’s something not quite right about the level of tension that’s rising over Luna’s employment at Forrester Creations. Poppy warned her daughter that her aunt wouldn’t be happy to learn that she was working at the fashion house considering it’s where Steffy works, and she’s supposed to be staying far away from the Forresters.

On Oct. 11’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, this was confirmed when Li happened upon Luna in the design office and had an adverse reaction to seeing her. She demanded that Luna resign from her position and scoffed at the idea that this just had to be the business she worked at as if there aren’t other firms hiring in Los Angeles. Li was even suspicious that Luna might be stalking RJ even though all Luna was trying to do was explain that she’d made an impression on Eric Forrester and that she’s been assisting on his line.

Li seems unable to see Luna in a positive light though there’s yet to be anything revealed that Luna herself has done something to her aunt. It’s clear the animosity stems from her strained relationship with her sister, Poppy. She called her a disgrace and insinuated that she’s always looking for a handout. Li provided the example of the time that Poppy needed a job so she got her one at the hospital gift shop and then her sister had an affair with a doctor which ruined his reputation and nearly took Li’s down with him.

Still, even with all the bad blood between the sisters, the fact that it’s blowing back on Luna, too, suggests that she’s somehow caught in the middle of this as well. Li didn’t name names but her ex-husband Jack is also a doctor, and he had an affair with Sheila Carter which produced Finn, then he covered it up by adopting his own son along with Li as if his dalliance never happened.

It’s only a hop and a skip to the speculation that The Bold and the Beautiful writers could be modifying Jack’s story to include an issue with fidelity. It was strange that Li didn’t seem to cast blame on the unnamed doctor for the affair but rather put it all on her sister as if it doesn’t take two. Arguably, if it was Jack, she might have coped with the situation by believing it was all Poppy’s fault since her feelings on her sister are less than positive.

This would also explain why Li told Poppy that she’ll live her life and she should live hers and basically that never the two shall mix. Not to mention, if she knows Luna is Jack’s daughter or has suspected that she is but never confirmed it, her inability to see her for who she is outside of Poppy would make sense. After all, Li would be looking at the living, breathing reminder of her husband’s infidelity though that shouldn’t at all be something Luna has to carry.

If this speculation holds water, that would make Luna and Finn siblings not cousins. It would also mean Jack wasn’t the only one of his parents withholding a big secret from him which would damage Finn’s relationship with his adoptive mother. I truly can’t wait to find out more about this family, I’m on the edge of my seat with anticipation.

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