The 6 Friends characters ranked from least favorite to most-liked

We take a look at the main characters of the hit comedy, and just how much we like each of them.
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With a comedy show like Friends that went on for 10 seasons, that gave room for many storylines and the opportunity for character growth when it comes to the six main friends of the group! While I'm personally a fan of each of them for different reasons, of course we all have our favorites.

And based on personality and other reasons, there's certain characters we like or relate to more than others. So what does our ranking look like? Well, below we shared the 6 Friends characters ranked from least favorite to most-liked. And be sure to read on further as I get into the reasons for the ranking!

  • Ross Geller
  • Rachel Green
  • Monica Geller
  • Joey Tribbiani
  • Phoebe Buffay
  • Chandler Bing
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Ross Geller

I know that amongst Friends fans, Ross gets the most flack and is generally the least liked character. I actually don't mind him as much. But, when you do compare the paleontologist's personality with the other friends in the group, I can see the reasoning amongst fans and would have to agree that Ross ranks lowest on our list. I think my main issue with Ross is his relationship with Rachel in the early seasons. Initially, I shipped them and I still do. But when I went back to watch the show, as you do, I did notice how jealous and sometimes possessive Ross could be. As she was trying to stand up on her own and succeed personally and professionally, Ross tried to hold her back with his jealousy and it wasn't always the healthiest relationship. Ross could be whiny and a child, but that made for some of the best comedic moments for me. So while I don't hate the character, I agree with many of you guys that he isn't my favorite.

Rachel Green

I think the two characters who had the most growth on the show over its 10-season run are definitely Rachel and Chandler. Miss Green showed up spoiled and pampered, not having had to work hard in her life. But she was strong in her conviction knowing that she didn't want to marry Barry, and had the strength to run away even though she was leaving everything she knew behind. Rachel decides to be different and is determined to work hard to become a person successful in a career she's passionate about. And that's very admirable and impressive! Rachel's cutesy side also makes her likable. She would have ranked higher on this list if it weren't for the fact that I relate to Monica's clean freak, Type A nature. More on that below!

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Monica Geller

Monica is a true friend, helping Rachel to get on her feet after being cut off from her father and letting her move in with her. She can definitely be very intense at times, but I think she's the most responsible of the friends, and is sort of the mom of the group as well. She knows what she wants and is loyal and true. Yes, this Geller could be annoying at times I think when it comes to her intensity and insane cleanliness, but it's part of her charm. Though it can grate on some nerves so I think some of you would agree with her ranking here. But overall, this talented chef is a character that brought many great moments on Friends.

The Final Days Of "Friends"
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Joey Tribbiani

Out of everyone in the bunch, I really do think that Joey has the biggest heart. Even though he's a womanizer, the way it's played doesn't actually make it an annoying trait. I usually can't stand these kinds of characters, unless it's a reformed bad boy sort of story. But with Joey, I think because we all know deep down how loyal and kind he is and the light-hearted approach to this character trait allows for likability with the character. He may not be the smartest person, but this actor definitely has other great qualities to offer. And that's why he's in the Top 3!

Phoebe Buffay

The most eccentric of the group is definitely Phoebe, but she's one of the best! The street smart gal has her quirks, but she embraces them. Phoebe isn't afraid of being different, of being herself, and doesn't care what others think about her. And that's so importnt to portray. After all, you need someone who's a bit different. It helps us viewers embrace our own quirkiness and positively portray that it's ok not to be the same as everyone else. And I think Phoebe really helps us all embrace that! She's also hilarious and always manages to make me laugh. It's crazy to think that Chandler and Phoebe were actually only supposed to be side characters on Friends originally. And they've topped our list as the top 2 favorites!

Chandler Bing

Is it really a surprise to anyone that Chandler is the best character on Friends? From his hilarious lines, self depreciation, and growing into a man who can love deeply. Chandler has it all! And that's why he's my favorite character on the hit comedy. He was always looking for love, but was afraid of it and commitment, while not always being confident in himself. Chandler was childlike in many ways, but learns to grow into a responsible adult in his own comedic way. As mentioned above, he and Rachel truly have the best character growth on the show. As he and Monica's relationship progresses into the ultimate OTP, he learns what it means to love deeply, be committed to another person, and grow as a man. And it's all thanks to the late Matthew Perry that we have such a wonderfully well-rounded character.

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