All the Modern Family Halloween episodes ranked from worst to best

The comedy has a total of seven spooky episodes, and we take a look at some of our favorites and the ones that weren't.
Modern Family | No One Loves Halloween More Than The Dunphys
Modern Family | No One Loves Halloween More Than The Dunphys / Peacock

One of the best parts about Modern Family and what I looked forward to when a new season was upon us were the Halloween episodes. These were some of the best in the comedy overall! And though the series went on for 11 seasons, there wasn't a haunting episode in each one. In fact, we only have seven Modern Family Halloween episodes. But, that's ok!

Some of them were spooky and fun, while others weren't as much. That's normal with a show though. You're going to have your favorites and installments that you didn't enjoy. And though this sitcom was awesome, that doesn't mean I enjoyed every single episode. And so, we decided to rank the Halloween episodes from worst to best. Check out our picks below, and read on further for details:

“It’s the Great Pumpkin, Phil Dunphy”

Season 9, Episode 5

This episode felt like the least Halloween-y. I think that was the point with Claire and Phil worrying about how they should be too mature to like and celebrate Halloween, and the fact that the Dunphy kids are too old to still enjoy the holiday with their parents. It was a sweet reveal at the end when Haley, Alex, and Luke showed up with the pumpkin in the river, but compared to the other Halloween themed episodes, this one didn't hit. No one else's storylines involved anything to do with the spooky season. Instead, it centered on Mitch and Cam staying with Jay and Gloria as the Pritchett patriarch renovated their kitchen. One shoutout in the episode though goes to Claire and her epic Wonder Woman costume reveal.

“Halloween 4: The Revenge of Rod Skyhook”

Season 8, Episode 5

This one had a lot going on Halloween wise, but it honestly just felt like a boring episode overall. It wasn't very exciting. Jay, Gloria, and Joe are dressed up as Jaysus - aka Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. No one understands Manny's Dalton Trumbo costume and he wants to go to a party at Jay's arch nemesis' house Earl Chamber since his granddaughter is throwing a more interesting Halloween party than Luke. In fact, no one shows up to the young Dunphy's party. But, it was actually heartwarming how Haley and his parents work on getting people there and they succeed. Finally, Mitch and Cam are dressed as superheroes and their mission is to find a young boy who egged Cam. Though it turns out it was actually Claire. The story felt a little all over the place and though the storylines had the potential to be interesting, they weren't overall.

“Halloween 3: AwesomeLand”

Season 6, Episode 6

The AwesomeLand episode was awesome because of Phil Dunphy and the theme he wanted to go for! With Claire busy at work this year, Phil was tasked with the decorations and theme for Halloween. But much to her horror, it wasn't scary at all. Claire decides to take things into her own hands and changes it to "Insane Asylum from Hell," with poor Nibbles getting a gory makeover. This is after their neighbors Ronnie and Amber provoke Claire's competitive side as there's a scariest house on the street contest. Overall the episode was fun, but I think for me it ranks a bit lower on the list just because I never liked the neighbors or this storyline between the Dunphys and the LaFontaine family. But Cam being busy with football practice and that taking time away from Lily is a struggle many parents go through, and it was nicely portrayed.

“Open House of Horrors”

Season 4, Episode 5

This year, the Dunphys had to be much more family friendly after the previous years' theme was way too scary for the kids, and one adult. In fact Claire gave one parent a heart attack. Phil godes Claire and tells her she isn't scary, which of course kicks in Claire's competitive nature. With not being able to be as scary as she wants to be with the decorations at home and Phil's comment, she decides to get the fright she wants by trying to scare him at one of his open houses of the night. It leads to a very fun, scream-filled scare where Claire recrutis the kids to help her scare their father. And they sure do!

Elsewhere in the episode, Lily is obsessed with being a princess because Mitch and Cam told her that's who her mom is. it leads to a heartwarming moment where they explain to her they don't know where her mom is, but she loves her. And some of the funniest moments are Gloria's extra hot headedness coming into play due to her pregnancy. Overall I enjoyed this episode and thought it was a good one.

“The Last Halloween”

Season 11, Episode 5

For a Halloween episode that was the last since this aired in the final season of Modern Family, I do wish it was a bit more exciting. It still ranks highly on our list, but it had the potential of holding the second or first place instead of third. The best part of the story was of course when it came to Phil and Claire. Because let's face it. No matter how interesting the others' festivities are during the spooky holiday, Halloween is for the Dunphys and it's where they shine. Phil is determined to scare Claire because he never manages to do so. It's hilarious how he goes on a year long plan - 11 months, two weeks, and three days to be exact - in creating Ida May and her creepy house.

But finally, Phil manages to frighten Claire! But in bad news for him, she takes this as a challenge for them to outscare each other and it's not over. Mitch and Cam go to a gay Halloween carnival that isn't so gay anymore, and end up coming home early since Lily isn't at the Halloween party she's supposed to be at anymore. We also got some sweet Jay and Manny moments as he tried to track down his Fudgy Duddy.

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“Good Grief”

Season 10, Episode 5

While this one was a sad one, it was a great episode. On Halloween day, the family finds out that DeDe has died. Of course, the Pritchetts deal with the news in an unconventional way the way they always do with emotionally complex challenges that come their way. Claire feels guilty because the last time she spoke to her mother, they got into a huge argument. While Mitchell got the opposite, a love-filled last call with his mom. Both of the siblings had very different relationships with DeDe, and they had to kind of unpack that.

Jay just focuses on his sandwich and who ate it, though we get the reason of how he remembers DeDe and how she made great sandwiches, leading to his emotional moment. Poor Gloria is haunted by DeDe's figurines, which turns out that Lily was behind. Plus she's the one who ate her grandfather's sandwich. This was just another example of why Lily truly is one of the best characters!


Season 2, Episode 6

"We love Halloween, especially Claire." Now that's an understatement! Is it really a surprise that the appropriately titled "Halloween" Modern Family episode is our favorite and holds the No. 1 spot!? This was the first spooky themed episode, an introduction into the Dunphy's love for the holiday. The House of Horrors theme was so on point, and the decor, costumes, and makeup was perfect. What I liked about this episode is that it featured the whole family together to put on this sort of act for trick or treaters walking in.

It's sad that it was never recreated in a different way or with another theme in the rest of the episodes. And then going forward, the other ones had the family separated. But my favorite element was having them together, even if not everyone was on board with what Claire wanted to do. Eventually though, they realize they were wrong and Claire is happy to hear the fright in the kids voices. Oh, Claire. What do you think of our ranking?

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