Billy Burke hasn't ruled out making a cameo in Lionsgate TV's Twilight adaptation

Filming Italy 2022 - Day 4 - Photocall
Filming Italy 2022 - Day 4 - Photocall / Daniele Venturelli/GettyImages

Nowadays Billy Burke is known for his work on Fire Country. The hit CBS firefighter drama made a splash in Fall 2022 when it introduced viewers to Cal Fire's station 42 and the Camp Three Rock inmate firefighting crew. On the series, Burke plays Vince Leone, the Battalion Chief of Edgewater who is a legacy member of the team and the father of newly recruited inmate firefighter, Bode Leone (Max Thieriot). But, back in the late aughts into the 2010s, millennials like myself knew him as Charlie Swan in the Twilight film series.

The vampire teen drama, based on the books by Stephanie Meyer, was a global sensation and launched the careers of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart into the stratosphere. Burke's role as Bella's father, the sheriff of Forks, became a fan favorite as he brought a heart to the character that made fans of the movies sympathize with everything he had to deal with regarding his daughter's love story with Edward Cullen, the resident vampire.

Back in April 2023, it was announced that Lionsgate TV was in early development on a television adaptation of the well-known romance. Ahead of Fire Country's season 2 premiere on Feb. 16, I had the opportunity to speak to Burke about his storyline in the second season. I also got in a question centered on whether he'd consider making a cameo in the Twilight TV series. He wasn't aware one was in the works, but he did give me the following answer:

"I consider anything and everything anybody comes to me with. I'll always consider stuff. It just always depends on the material and whether or not the schedule works out. But sure I'd consider that."

Outside of the initial announcement, there hasn't been any news regarding the series, but it's good to know that should Burke be offered a cameo, he would consider returning to the Twilight universe. It wouldn't be in the role of Charlie Swan, but there's something really nice about cast members from the original films potentially making an appearance whenever the show does hit the small screen, so I don't know about you but I'm manifesting it.

As for now, we get to enjoy Burke's performance on Fire Country and the evolution of his character Vince who is doing his utmost to ensure he doesn't lose his son. For a sneak peek at the season 2 premiere, click here. Stay tuned to Hidden Remote for our Fire Country coverage during CBS' premiere week and through season 2!