Bold and the Beautiful preview (Week of Apr. 1): Sheila Carter's funeral, Lauren Fenmore visits, and more!

Kimberlin Brown of the CBS series THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, Weekdays (1:30-2:00 PM, ET; 12:30-1:00 PM, PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Gilles Toucas/CBS
Kimberlin Brown of the CBS series THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, Weekdays (1:30-2:00 PM, ET; 12:30-1:00 PM, PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Gilles Toucas/CBS /

Finally, the moment has come! The Bold and the Beautiful will be laying Sheila Carter to rest. Personally, I've been waiting for this. Not because I've been ready to say goodbye to her but because I've been holding out for some kind of sign that the soap is leaving the door open for her to return one day in some out of this world twist.

The spoilers for the week, which I'll be launching into in just a second, layout a week full of the characters juggling the emotion of Sheila's funeral which is certain to ruffle the feathers of those who'd rather see her gone and not spoken of particularly Steffy. Here's a peak at what's set to happen (via She Knows Soaps).

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the week of April 1

  • Monday, Apr. 1: Finn thinks Steffy used Thope's break-up to restart the Forrester vs. Logans feud. Luna and Zende are caught in a "surreal" situation. Liam's concern for her surprises Hope.
  • Tuesday, Apr. 2: Steffy loses it when she hears that Deacon is throwing Sheila a memorial service. Though he wants to include Hope and Finn, the Logan sisters try to convince him not to involve them in the memorial. Lope have a cute moment with Beth.
  • Wednesday, Apr. 3: Deacon says goodbye to Sheila with Hope and Finn present.
  • Thursday, Apr. 4: Steffy and Liam have conflicted feelings about Hope and Finn going to the memorial. Lauren Fenmore pays Eric a visit as he reminisces about Sheila. Finn's farewell to his birth mother is emotional.
  • Friday, Apr. 5: Eric and Lauren celebrate Sheila's demise. Finn and Hope bond over the connection they share. Deacon goes with Sheila to the crematorium.

Sinn are at odds again

It comes as no surprise that Finn is going to be advocating for Hope in the aftermath of the Thope break-up. What I'm hoping is that he doesn't do an about face the way Brooke has regarding their relationship simply because Hope is devastated. Though, to be fair, while Steffy had very valid reasons to talk frankly with Thomas about his romance with his lady love and whether it actually has a future, she is mixing in her Logan animosity which is frustrating even for a Steffy stan like myself.

But, as you can see from the spoilers, it isn't just the feud she's reignited that has to two on opposite sides of things. Finn, understandably, wants to pay his final respects to his birth mother, Sheila Carter. Steffy is apparently going to be bothered that Deacon has the audacity to hold a memorial for the infamous woman but, honestly, that's his right. He loved her, it only makes sense that he'd honor his memory of her no matter how it makes anyone else feel.

What's interesting about this situation, regarding Sinn, is that Steffy will be continuing to speak with Liam about where she and Finn differ on this point. Now, I wouldn't think anything of it if we were still in Steam's bestie era where nothing untoward happened and they were entirely platonic without a hint of romance. However, Liam was recently waxing poetically about how Steffy beautifully takes command of a room when she enters it. So much so that Carter felt the need to remind him she's happily married.

All I'm saying is if he becomes her confidant and things get rocky for Sinn, that's a path forward for Steam. And no, I'm not just saying that because I'll forever love the two of them as couple. It's just how the writers tend to go about reunions.

Hope and Finn bond in the same week Lope have a moment...interesting

If you'd asked me what I thought the aftermath of the Thope break-up would be, Hope being at Sheila's funeral would not have been my answer. That truly never came to mind but, of course, that would bring three important men in her life to the forefront all at once. You've got Liam checking in on her over the break-up which Hope is surprised by. No one could blame her considering Liam has not at all been a fan of that relationship, nor would he be since she cheated on him with Thomas.

The offering of comfort also might seem out of left field. Lope fans, here's where you may get some crumbs during the week. Not only will the two be sharing scenes but their daughter, Beth, will also be present. The two tend to get sentimental about their life together when they're spending time with her. I'm not saying that's going to happen, but I don't think it's out of the cards.

But with Liam representing Hope's past and Thomas her present, could that mean the soap is signalling Finn could be her future? The two are set to bond the week of April 1 because of their tie to Sheila. Hope has more than once been someone Finn can talk to without judgement when it comes to his birth mother and his complicated feelings including how he's dealing with the fact that his wife killed her. Even with it being presented as self-defense that's incredibly heavy. I expect that's going to be happening again.

Is Sheila really being written out?

A week devoted to a farewell for Sheila is definitely her due but it's also, potentially, a way to get us hype at the possibility that there will be a twist. Remember, no one has checked Sheila's toes or mentioned that she's missing one in order to verify that was actually her who attacked Steffy. My eyebrows raised when the spoilers revealed that Deacon is going with Sheila to the crematorium. Hello??? Sure, it's possible that Sheila wanted to be cremated but alarm bells started ringing in my head as soon as I read that sentence especially because that is a Friday spoiler. If there's going to be a time to reveal the person in the casket is not Sheila, this would be the episode!

Lauren Fenmore pays Bold and the Beautiful a visit

Lauren's visits to the soap are always welcome and this time she'll be stopping by to spend some time with Eric as they both toast to Sheila's death. It's macabre, I know, but the infamous woman had terrorized her back during her time on Young and the Restless, so her appearance during the week Sheila gets her send off is apt. We're likely to go down memory lane with the soap going into the vault to show us flashbacks of her time dealing with Sheila as well as Eric since at one point in time, Sheila had been his wife.

It looks like we're going to have a good week on the soap that's primarily focused on how everyone feels now that Sheila is gone. There is that one plot about Zende and Luna but it's hard to speculate on that one considering it's quite possible the "surreal situation" is just more talk about the night they shared together. We'll see but I don't have high hopes for progress with that storyline since it's not brought up in the rest of the spoilers.

That's it for now, Bold fans. Stay tuned to Hidden Remote for more news and coverage!