Can you remember all the lines from Friends? Take this "who said it?" quiz to find out!

These 13 questions will put your knowledge of the hit comedy to the test.
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There's so many shows out there, whether they're sitcoms or not, that have iconic lines that stick in your brain. But honestly, in my totally biased opinion, there's nothing like the comedic genius that is Friends. Some zingers are one-liners, while others are a little longer. Whatever it was, it was funny and memorable. Do you think you can remember all the lines from the hit series? Take our Friends quiz to find out!

The line from the quiz that makes me laugh the most would probably be, "if I had to, I'd pee on any one of you" said by Joey. That whole jellyfish situation was hilarious, and Matt LeBlanc's delivery of the line was hilarious. This was definitely such a Joey thing to say and it cracks me up every time I think about it. If you're like me and ready to go rewatch the scene, it's Friends season 4 episode 1! The show is streaming in its entirety on Max.

Another one that gets the giggles going for me is Chandler's, "what did I marry into?" The line may not pack a strong punch, but this scene is literally one of my favorites of all time. I constantly go back to watch it. Ross thought a night in 1987 was he and Rachel's first kiss, but it turns out he was Monica's midnight mystery kisser. And her first kiss ever. Yikes! The revelations unfold in front of Chandler, and all he can wonder is what he got himself into marrying into this family. Of course it's a joke, Chandler and Monica's relationship is the strongest on the series. But it was a hilarious comedic moment. You can find this scene in season 10 episode 11.

Unsurprisingly, another line that stands out in my mind, and I'm sure it's the same for many of you, is “you have to stop the Q-tip when there’s resistance" said by none other than Chandler once again. He had the best lines, especially the ones that make me laugh out loud. That was all due to the late Matthew Perry's comedic genius. And actually, did you know this was an unscripted moment? Perry just went for it, and the writers kept it in! Go back to the season 2 premiere to check it out.

All 10 seasons of Friends are currently streaming on Max.

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