Quiz: Finish these Gloria Pritchett lines from Modern Family

Gloria is one of the most iconic characters on the hit comedy. Can you get a 10/10 on our quiz?
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Gloria Pritchett is honestly one of the funnest and most iconic characters on Modern Family! Whenever something about her past was revealed, I liked that there was more to her than just her looks. She's street smart, clever in general, and knows how to manipulate situations for her own gain. And I mean that as a compliment! She's different than the rest of the family, but that's what makes her stand out. And she had some great lines over the 11 seasons of the hit comedy. Can you remember them all? Take our quiz to find out!

So how did you do friends? Were you able to get a 10/10? My favorite thing about Gloria is that this gal is proud to be a Latina, and we get to have that kind of representation on the show. As mentioned above, she's a bit different than most of the fam, but the edginess and world experience she brings is what makes her so special. And the rest of the family comes to appreciate that!

One of my favorite Gloria lines from Modern Family is "I’m going to make a list of all the things that I’m going to scream at you as soon as this baby is out of me." I can honestly really relate to Gloria's hot headed-ness and this situation where she was forced to hold back and be patient in the feelings she really wanted to express. It cracks me up, but also made me realize that I can take a chill pill every once in a while! I think my husband would be happy to hear that too.

Another favorite line and scene of mine is, "your mind is going to be scattered. Manny, hand me the gun." This hilarious moment is all because earlier in the day, Gloria and Jay had been fighting over her habit of losing things, including her keys. But it turns out Jay was in the wrong this time, finding them in his pocket. Instead of telling Gloria the truth, he secretly places the keys in her purse.

But Gloria knows something is off and at first calmly asks Jay if he placed the keys in her purse. When he responds, yes, the hot headed-ness comes out and she tells Manny to give her the gun. Just comedic genius! I love it. What are some of your favorite Gloria lines and moments?

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