Jordan is armed and dangerous as she faces Victor and Michael (The Young and the Restless spoilers Mar. 11-15)

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On Friday, March 8's episode of The Young and the Restless, Victor tried to convince Jordan to meet with him. Seth's death caused Nikki to seek Jack's support. Ashley told Tucker she wanted to reunite while telling her family she was over him.

Here are the spoilers for this week:

Monday, Mar. 11: Jordan attempts to outwit Victor. Phyllis pours her lonely soul out to Nick. Nikki talks with Claire about the Newman family's history.

Tuesday, Mar. 12: As seen in last week's ending teaser scenes, Victor and Christian Le Blanc's character are in an alley when Jordan pulls a gun on them. Victoria and Claire's bond grows. Nick and Phyllis grow closer.

Wednesday, Mar. 13: Devon remains leery of Billy's work intentions. Christel Khalil's character returns to find Heather and Lucy at Daniel's condominium. Victor exacts his plan against Jordan while Nikki remains Jack's priority.

Thursday, Mar. 14: Ashley's seeming split personality gets Tucker's attention. Daniel faces the consequences of his romantic decisions. Abby tries to calm the tension.

Friday, Mar. 15: Adam and Chelsea help Connor. Summer and Kyle need to resolve an issue with Harrison. Audra becomes irritated by Ashley's continued presence in Tucker's life.

Viewers are asked to suspend disbelief at the Jordan arc plays on. Believing she could create a fire and escape prison was as questionable as believing Jordan could indefinitely exist on Victor and Nikki's home turf. So, the audience is anticipating a payoff where Jordan is stopped somehow by the Newmans, probably including Claire playing a significant role.

Conversely, it is plausible to believe Phyllis would default to Nick after Danny told her the truth. Joshua Morrow's character is single and considers Phyllis to be someone he will always love.

Jordan is unhinged, as Claire pointed out. So, bringing a gun to the alley where Victor and Michael await is no shock. Thankfully, the Mustache has backup, and it's unlikely that Jordan does not. Victoria's concern for Claire was matched by Nikki's trepidation last week, with this week's developments reaffirming Victoria and Nikki's fear of imminent danger.

The Devon-Billy conflict feels a bit forced. However, including a growing volume of personalities at Chancellor-Winters appears intended to create warring factions. Lily is one of the people who will be part of the crowd at Chancellor-Winters.

Lily's generally steady demeanor could help calm the soapy waters at the company. Abby's new role at the company could also position her as a negotiator.

Viewers know Lily faces the probable unexpected end of her relationship with Daniel. It will be interesting to see if she accepts what has happened or fights for him. Michael Graziadei's character will no longer be allowed to live in limbo and must deal with reality.

The voices viewers hear in Ashley's head tell the tale. She has become unstable and seems prone to acting out against Tucker, Audra or both. There is no reasonable way for Ashley to think her way back to stability, meaning her targets are vulnerable to attack during any episode.

Connor's issue is serious but has been addressed. The audience is waiting to see the point of Adam and Chelsea's involvement in this new storyline. There's no hint of reconciliation, based on the presence of Sally and Billy,  respectively.

Summer and Kyle remain bound by their parenting ties to Harrison. Kyle is unattached, while Summer has moved on to Chance. On another triangular front, Tucker's place at the center of Ashley and Audra's battle projects badly. One wonders if Tucker will be with either lady when all is said and done.


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