Kevin Kreider on The Traitors season 2 and being murdered on the show

The Traitors season 2 has become must see TV. This week's episode saw Peter vs. Phaedra go further in-depth with one of Peter's friends Kevin being murdered. We caught up with Kevin to discuss his time on the show.
THE TRAITORS -- "Character Portraits" -- Pictured: Kevin Kreider -- (Photo by: PEACOCK)
THE TRAITORS -- "Character Portraits" -- Pictured: Kevin Kreider -- (Photo by: PEACOCK) /

In season 2 of The Traitors, we've had a crazy battle between the faithful and traitors. Within that has been the big battle between Peter and Phaedra, leading to some of Peter's friends catching stray bullets. One of those people was Kevin Kreider, who found himself murdered by the traitors this week. I had the chance to catch up with him to talk about his time on the show. 

The Peacock reality series has seen a massive rise in viewership from the first season. The Traitors has become that must-see weekly TV with much of the world talking days after the episode. Even with the series airing on a streaming platform, it's rare that a weekly release show get THIS kind of love. But this concept has delivered on a high level, and a lot has to do with the casting. 

In the most recent episode of The Traitors, we saw Phaedra offering Kate a spot as a traitor because of the elimination of Pavarti. Of course, she accepted the deal, leading to them setting up for their first murder together. Because they thought they could get rid of Peter at the table, it came down to Trishelle and Kevin with the latter getting the letter. 

Kevin Kreider talks The Traitors season 2 and what it's like being murdered

Hidden Remote: How did it feel walking into the room to see that letter? Also, did you get to keep the letter of your “murder”?

Kevin Kreider: When you first walk in, your heart drops, you know, but there is this minute of maybe I got recruited, or maybe I didn't die. It really does sting. You know it's a game, but you can't help but feel like you are on your deathbed.

No, I didn't get the letter, but if Peacock wants to send it in the mail, I would appreciate it.

Hidden Remote: Who did you initially have pegged as a traitor in those first few days in the house?

Kreider: I actually pegged CT as a possible traitor. The reason was because Johnny Bananas was the first person murdered, and it made sense because he was a great gamer. I thought CT was next because he was a great gamer. But he kept living, and it was too weird, and if I was a traitor, I would've gotten rid of him.

Hidden Remote: Who were you most surprised to build a connection with from the cast?

Kreider: I was surprised to build a connection with Peter. We met at the beginning and chatted a little bit. We really didn't talk to each other until we had that scene where we said we should go after each other.

The other person was Trishelle. I consoled her after not picking her first in the savings. It would've kept the castle more divided if he had picked her.

Hidden Remote: If you could come back into this game, everything’s erased, would you come in as a traitor or as a faithful?

Kreider: I would want to come back recruited as a traitor. A lot of my game plan at the beginning was to have a poker face and not to show too much if I could help it. How I acted was kind of traitor behavior, but I would've liked to have been recruited at some point for sure.

The Traitors season 2 episodes 1-9 are streaming on Peacock.