Mitchell hilariously shames his family in new Modern Family WhatsApp ad

Leaving him out of the family group chat? Shame!
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It's a Modern Family reunion of sorts thanks to a new WhatsApp ad! The messaging platform decided to bring together Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell as Phil and Claire Dunphy, respectively, as well as Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Mitchell Pritchett and Eric Stonestreet as his husband Cam Tucker with the fouresome first seen in the Dunphy house. That's where Mitchell learns he's been left out of the family group chat and hilariously yells out his signature, "shame!" and pointing his finger at them.

It all starts with Cam, Phil, and Claire are discussing the cute photo Haley sent of the twins - George and Poppy. When Mitchell asks to see it, Phil accidentally reveals that "it's in the group chat." And that's when Mitchell realizes they have one without him. How could they? Also it was such a Phil thing to do to accidentally let that slip. Well, it's thanks to his "new phone," as Cam tries to sweetly tell him. It's annoying to deal with blurry photos. And I agree as it's something I've dealt with in my own family group chat!

The painter listening through the window helpfuly explains that WhatsApp can streamline the process and just make things easier. Because no matter what phone you have - iPhone or Android - all the photos will come out clear and your messaging is private and secure. The ad ends in the perfect way with Cam telling Mitchell "we may have cut you from here," pointing to his phone, "never from here" then gesturing to his heart. Ha! That is also a very Cam thing to say. These 30 seconds go by so quick, but they're so good. Check out the video below:

And actually if you want a little bit of an extra dose of Modern Family, WhatsApp shared another ad with Phil and Claire. Claire's complaining that Cam and Mitch switched phones, which means the family chat bubbles have "gone green and all the photos are blurry." Poor Phil is so sad because he says because of Mitch and Cam, the kids stopped responding and hardly visit anymore. When there's a knock at the door and a mailwoman is there, she recommends they switch to WhatsApp. And it's a great recommendation as it works and the kids start answering again! Watch it below:

As someone who has family members with iPhones and some with Androids, I get it being a bit annoying. Us iPhone people have got the blue bubbles, while the Android folks show up as green. And it's true. The photos sent can be blurry sometimes. But I guess with WhatsApp, you won't have that problem. These two ads are really smart and it's cool that the company chose to use the Modern Family cast to do it. Even if it's not an official canon reunion, we still get to see some of our favorite characters back together again!

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