SWAT gets a new timeslot for season 8 for the CBS 2024-2025 television season

Fans of Swill have to get used to a new time slot for the show. Find out when the show will switch times and what to expect for the new season.
CBS Presents S.W.A.T. ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
CBS Presents S.W.A.T. ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

With new information coming in for the CBS 2024-2025 television season, fans should prepare themselves for some big changes coming. This includes having to say goodbye to some shows, yes, but now there are some scheduling changes, especially for SWAT.

The show has already had plenty of ups and downs. From being cancelled to being saved for a short final season to being renewed again for season 8, there has been a lot going on. Now, there is another change coming for the show in the upcoming television year! This doesn't involve any cast changes...yet.

Audiences will need to prepare to set their DVRS or watch Friday night television later than usual. Blue Bloods is wrapping up its final season this fall. This means there will be an open spot in the time slot for the midseason.

Yes, you guessed it. S.W.A.T. is moving to a later time from its normal 8/7c and will be moving to the 10/9c time slot come the midseason. It will be in its normal spot during the fall of 2024 before moving once Blue Bloods finishes airing. This will be a tough one to get used to, especially since this is a two-hour difference from when the show normally airs!

So far we don’t know who is expected to be back on the show given that some cast members have left due to their storylines finishing during season 7. At the time of their airing, the show’s future was still thought to be nearing the finish line. However, with a new season, we might see cast changes occur depending on how the rest of the season goes. 

Shemar Moore is a sure bet of who we will see and David Lim, Jay Harrington, and Patrick St. Esprit are among those who have been with the show the longest. While Harrington’s David “Deacon” McKay recently retired, a synopsis for a future episode made it clear that it is likely he may not actually be done with S.W.A.T.

Plus, recurring stars such as Anna Enger Ritch, Rochelle Aytes, Brigitte Kali Canales, and Niko Pepaj may also still be on the roster. While Lou Ferrigno Jr. is currently guest starring on ABC’s 9-1-1, his character Donovan Rocker also pops up from time to time. Whatever the cast roster looks like next season, we’re looking forward to seeing what happens with Squad 20 and the rest of the unit.

Hidden Remote will keep you updated on any news regarding SWAT season 8 and what to expect with the show as it moves towards the finish line for season 7. Tune in to a new episode of the series on Friday, May 3. The new episode will find Tan having to face a group of mercenaries while at a black-tie dinner with his new love interest. Plus, an arc involving Nichelle from earlier this season will unfold after a break in at the Harrelson residence.

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Previous episodes of SWAT are available to stream on Paramount+.