The Young and the Restless spoilers (Feb. 19-23): Amanda returns to Genoa City

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On Friday, Feb. 16's episode of The Young and the Restless, Billy suggested honoring Jill by adding Abbot to Chancellor-Winters' corporate name. Jordan told Seth she was Nikki's former friend. Nikki and Victoria told Victor they didn't want him to use Claire. Ashley's mental decline accelerated.

Here are the spoilers for this week:

  • Monday, Feb. 19: Victor's concern for Nikki grows. Ashley's impulsive behavior continues. Audra is overwhelmed by Tucker.
  • Tuesday, Feb. 20Nikki agrees to meet Seth. Nate warns Audra again. Adam pushes his plan to incorporate Sally's business into Newman Enterprises.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 21: Jill injects herself into Chancellor-Winters' drama. Abby recalls a moment of strife in her backstory. Phyllis tries to calm Danny.
  • Thursday, Feb. 22: Victor adjusts his efforts to protect Nikki. Adam and Chelsea focus on Connor's best interests. Sally is in Nick's thoughts again.
  • Friday, Feb. 23: Michael is tapped to handle another Newman crisis. Ashley changes her mind. Victoria is worried Claire's progress will be reversed.

Victor and Nikki are enjoying their most prolonged real-time period of marriage, with this couple remarrying in 2013. Jordan's torture is not testing this third marriage. Instead, it reinforces the resilience of the soap's most famous pairing.

As for Ashley, this poor soul needs to see a psychiatrist. Her issues have gone well beyond the abilities of any Abbott to care for her. Rest, possibly in a hospital, along with medicine and therapy, is clearly needed. Meanwhile, the person who arguably destabilized her, Tucker, has shifted his gaze to Audra.

Nate has come to care for Zuleyka Silver's character. That development came after the writing staff split him from Victoria. While Audra is attracted to Nate, she is not open to him warding her off Tucker.

Let's be honest. The appearance of Seth as Nikki's initial AA sponsor sent a soapy red flag into the air. As soon as it was apparent that he would likely not be a love interest, some connection to the Jordan storyline was telegraphed.

Seth was too easily conned into buying Colleen Zenk's baloney about being Nikki's ex-friend. But suspending disbelief, it shoves the plot forward. Whether this next chapter in Jordan's terror tale is the last will soon be known.

Last week's ending episode included a teaser scene that revealed Amanda Sinclair's return to Genoa City, Wisconsin, when she invoked Jill's name.

It is always a delight to see Mishael Morgan, who won the 2022 Daytime Emmy Award in the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series category. Fans who watched her initial performance as Amanda's sister, Hilary, know this fine actor's work was affirmed through the honor she received two years ago.

Adam willed himself to an interesting intersection. He has reclaimed his relationship with Sally and is in a good parenting space with Chelsea. Both ladies have his best interests at heart. Now, the character Mark Grossman embodies with brilliant flair must keep himself on balance because Adam's penchant is drama.

Intriguingly, Nick told his dad he had moved on from Sally. But will old feelings reignite if Victor eventually agrees to some form of Adam's pitch for her to be part of Newman?

It's natural for Victoria and Nikki to shield Claire from Victor's desire to use her link to Jordan. However, there seems no better way for Hayley Erin's second Young and the Restless character (with her first being a younger version of Abby) to earn her place in the Newman family than to prove decisive in the battle against her diabolical great aunt.


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