Walker season 4 won't revisit Walker Independence's story but all hope isn't lost for closure!

As Walker continues, fans are hopeful an episode could have closure for the short-lived Walker: Independence spinoff!
Walker Independence -- “How We Got Here” -- Image Number: WID112b_0405r -- Pictured: Katherine McNamara as Abby Walker -- Photo: Jeff Neumann/The CW -- © 2023 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Walker Independence -- “How We Got Here” -- Image Number: WID112b_0405r -- Pictured: Katherine McNamara as Abby Walker -- Photo: Jeff Neumann/The CW -- © 2023 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved. /

As Walker continues on The CW, a major question for fans is whether it could possibly give any closure to the gone-too-soon Walker Independence spinoff! Is there a chance fans can find some answers to what happened after the finale?

With the Jared Padalecki-led drama a good success on the network, a spinoff seemed inevitable. However, producers took it in a surprising direction with Walker Independence. Set in the 1880s, a young woman (Katherine McNamara) barely survives an attack that kills her husband. Making her way to the town of Independence, she discovers the man who murdered him is now the sheriff. Taking on the name of Abby Walker, she sets out to get justice. 

The show had some good plotlines and a compelling cast of characters, with the fun touch of Abby’s ally Hoyt Rawlins being played by Walker’s Matt Barr, indicating this was an ancestor of the present-day Hoyt. Padalecki even made a cameo as a marshal hinted at being Hayes Cooper, the Old West lawman who popped up in the original Walker: Texas Ranger series. 

Walker Independence was built to a cliffhanger that promised to set up a good second season. Sadly, it ended up being one of the many casualties of the various issues surrounding Nexstar taking controlling power of The CW which basically killed original scripted content for the network as we knew it. The show was canceled and this has left fans wondering if the main Walker series could bring some closure to it. 

All In
Walker Independence -- “All In” -- Image Number: WID110a_0119r -- Pictured (L - R): Greg Hovanessian as Sheriff Tom Davidson and Katherine McNamara as Abby Walker -- Photo: Anna Kooris/The CW -- © 2023 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved. /

Fans would love some episodes of Walker to circle back to Walker Independence. A fun recurring bit on the original Walker show was an episode flashing back to the Old West adventures of Hayes Cooper and others. Thus, an episodein the CW iteration could have Walker reading an old journal about Abby and what happened to her. 

It could also confirm if Padalecki was playing Hayes Cooper in that episode and what happened with him, as well as clear up the long-standing questions of how Abby began the Walker family line. Surely, the cast members would love to take part, and it would be a good way to wrap up the spinoff plans. 

As to whether it could happen, Walker showrunner Anna Fricke shared with TV Line that there are hopes for it but not in season 4.

"We couldn’t get into that this season because that’s sort of a delicate thing, because it was a whole separate show. But that was, obviously, a story that we really wanted to tell and keep telling, and we got very invested in the history of those characters. So that’s always a possibility in the future."

She confirmed that Matt Barr would return as Hoyt and Justin Johnson Cortez, who played Native American warrior Calian, would appear on Walker as Detective Luna. There’s also the possibility the main series may work in some other Independence actors in guest roles that play into the series. 

So while it may not happen yet, fans of Walker Independence are still hopeful the mothership series can bring much-needed closure for the spinoff cut too short.

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