What breed of dog is Fynn on The Way Home?

The Way Home. Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Peter Stranks.
The Way Home. Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Peter Stranks. /

The Way Home has us all captivated by its time-hopping story that follows the Landry family in two time periods--the '90s and the present day. Season 1 saw Alice, Kat's daughter, falling into the pond on the family farm and finding herself emerging from it in 1999. From there the plot twists and turns as she learns more about what happened to her mother's brother, Jacob, and how the pond works.

I won't give away any major plot points just in case you've just started your journey through the series, but I can say that there's a lovable pet within the show whose presence is always a delight. I'm referring to Fynn, Del's dog, who is often coming and going from the farm. He loves running about and hopping into the pond on the property, the latter of which Del would prefer he didn't do since he always comes back muddy and soaked through.

Fynn is beautiful and is the perfect breed for the Landry farm as he's a working dog, specifically a herder. While trying to narrow down what breed he is, I found myself moving away from a border collie and toward an English shepherd. This is due to his size, his ears which tip down, and coat.

According to Daily Paws, this breed is the original "all-purpose" farm dog. They can protect livestock, herd sheep, and hunt vermin. They're also active, curious, and loyal. Given their energy level, English shepherds do better on farms or large acreages of land where they can run, play, and roam to exercise and expel energy.

With Del's line of work, it makes sense that she'd be caring for an English shepherd. Fynn fits right into her day-to-day routine on the farm whilst being free to run about to his heart's content.

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