The Walking Dead Recap: Just A Little More


In the apocalypse on The Walking Dead, our heroes have the unalienable right to guns, love, and the pursuit of chili mac and cheese.

The Richonne love did not disappoint in this week’s episode of The Walking Dead. As Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) went scavenging for guns, they had a quintessential post-apocalyptic honeymoon. The two scrounged up delicious food, had frequent passionate sex, and kicked a whole bunch of ass.

Michonne and Rick have always been a fantastic team, but this is the first time that we’ve really seen them out on their own, solving problems and getting shizz done with confidence and style. It’s no surprise that they just win no matter what because they’re literally the king and the queen of the apocalypse.

Honestly, this song was probably written about them.

All kidding aside, this majority of this episode was a fun getaway not only for Rick and Michonne, but also for viewers who have been craving some fun action sequences and character development. Throughout Rick and Michonne’s scavenging hunt, it’s becoming very clear that the two of them are slowly and steadily becoming the emotional core of the show. As our original crew becomes more scattered throughout this new world, viewers need something to hold onto. And that something is the Grimes family 2.0 – new and improved, baby.

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Now that Michonne’s permanently in the picture, it’s interesting to look back on Rick’s old family. While Rick loved both his bestie Shane and his wife Lori, neither one of them were built for longevity in this new and brutal society. It’s like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, but with people. Shane was too hard, Lori was too soft, but Michonne is juuuuust right. Michonne has Shane’s stealth timing, humor, and strength, which make her a great tag team partner with Rick out in the thick of things, but she’s also tender, loving, and capable of making decisions as a team just like Lori was.

It’s the best of both worlds for ole Rick Grimes.

So the couple scavenges away, thoroughly enjoying their time together. Even though Rick has chronic insomnia because, you know, they’re going to war, he’s deliriously happy with his new love.  He keeps asking to stay on the road longer because he doesn’t want to face the reality that awaits him when they return to Alexandria. War means that he’ll lose more people that he loves, possibly including Michonne.

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, Danai Gurira as Michonne – The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 12 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/Acquired From AMC Press

As the couple fearlessly travels through the abandoned wilderness, they stumble upon a treasure trove of supplies. We’ve gotta assume that the happy couple is registered at Carnivals R’ Us, because the duo finds absolutely everything they need in one single place.

After falling through the roof and having an adorable giggle fit, Rick and Michonne gear up for their plan in the morning. Despite some setbacks including a car with no brakes and a failed attempt at deer hunting, they win. Did we expect anything else from the power couple of The Walking Dead? Nah. They’re the ones who live… despite their attempt to trick us with a Rick death fake out.

This was definitely my face when Michonne came upon the clearing with the zombie deer buffet.


Honestly, given the context of the remainder of the episode, the moment when Michonne thought Rick was dead confused me a bit. Her reaction was not what we’ve come to expect from our stealth ninja warrior. We know from prior experience that Michonne is definitely a woman who seeks revenge.

Danai Gurira as Michonne, Walkers – The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 12 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

And so are Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Rosita (Christian Serratos). There are interesting parallels that can be drawn between these two women and Michonne, because we all know that Michonne has vengeance in her blood too. Back when the Governor killed Andrea in Season 3, our favorite samurai scoured the earth just so she could kill him. And that was just Andrea. Psssht! What would Michonne do for Rick? She’d burn everything to the ground, most definitely.

Which is why it’s odd when Michonne freezes up as she encounters what she thinks is Rick’s body. Later in the episode, we get some context as to why she feels this way when Rick tells her that they have to go on after the war, even if they lose one another. Michonne’s love for Rick has made her a bit too optimistic in the ZA, whereas Rosita’s misplaced feelings for Abe made her go in the complete opposite direction. Girlfriend is totes tripping.

It’s been incredibly difficult to sympathize with Rosita throughout Season 7. (No duh.) She’s been acting like a rancid bitch to everyone, even the people who just want to help, like sweet Tara (Alanna Masterson). Reminder: Tara lost Denise too, but she’s not tromping all over gods green earth with crazy eyes. Rosita, on the other hand, literally has a death wish. Her toxic attitude is possibly in part due to revenge for Abraham’s death, but mostly because she feels rootless in this new and challenging world. The new alliance between Sasha and Rosita is intriguing, but it’s probably doomed.

It’s 100% certain that these two women are going to fail at their mission. One – or both of them – are going to die. How do we know that? Key puzzle pieces such as Jadis and the Scavengers involvement in the war as well as Tara’s Oceanside confession moved the war story forward in an ominous way this week. War is definitely coming. Just a little more time, and we’ll get there.

Until next week….

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Random Thoughts Before I Go:

  • Someone FINALLY talked about Glenn’s death at length without pulling any punches. Thank you, Rick. You’re the true hero of this week’s episode.
  • Rick and Michonne fall through the roof of the high school, but they totally should have known better. Back in Season 4 episode “30 Days Without An Accident” an entire megamart roof fell, crushing some young kid… AND MICHONNE WAS THERE WHEN IT HAPPENED. Don’t go into a sex coma, Michonne! Look alive, girl!
  • The title of the episode was a HUGE tease for Richonne fans. “Say Yes” ended up being a relatively unimportant line that Rick rattled off to Jadis in the middle of negotiations, and not a pivotal moment in the episode. The Walking Dead writers are totally trolling our love, Richonne fans.
  • This is a super random thought, but given all those guns, they’re going to need ammo. If Negan knows that Eugene can make bullets, why hasn’t he put him to work yet? Will this even come up in the remainder of the season?
  • Is the chili mac and cheese supposed to represent Rick and Michonne’s awesome partnership? And, if so, who’s the chili and who’s the mac and cheese? Discuss.
  • Pretzels? Chili mac and cheese? Beef brisket? Mmmm. The road trip snacks for this episode were WAY better than the Orange Crush from the Rick and Daryl road trip earlier this season. Now, where can we find some chili AND mac and cheese together?

‘The Walking Dead’ airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.