Okja is making people go vegan (no, seriously)


OKJA. Photo: Netflix Acquired via Netflix Media Center.

A story about an adorbs super pig and her bestie, Okja is breaking hearts and changing minds.

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Okja is a super entertaining flick with a serious message at its core. Without giving too much away, the film follows a spitfire teen named Mija (Ahn Seo-Hyun) and her beloved friend, a giant super pig named Okja. The two pass the days frolicking in the mountain forests of South Korea. They care for one another, snack on wild produce, and daydream as only two young besties know how.

Sounds lovely, right? Well, there’s just one problem. A big problem. Okja is owned by a giant Monsanto-like corporation called Mirando, and the company is coming for their property. What follows is an unflinching look at the food industrial complex that is perturbing, horrifying, and ultimately heart breaking.

Even though Okja has only been available for streaming on Netflix for a short time, the strong message is resonating with viewers, marking the film as a blockbuster that could truly elicit change.  Fans are flocking to social media, declaring their intent to go meat free.

The emotional message of Okja is so robust that it’s even helping people overcome the pretentiousness of the vegan label.

Current vegans are also feeling quite vindicated by the message of the film.

If you’re feeling inclined to try out veganism after watching the movie, the animal activist group PETA even has a special kit they’ll send you. They’ve been advertising it via social media on the reg ever since Okja was released, and are likely to continue promoting it as word of mouth gains steam over the next few weeks.

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While it’s nice to think that a cuddly CGI super pig could potentially cause a sea change in the dietary habits of viewers, we’ll see if all of these declarations of meat liberation will last beyond the meatiest of U.S. holidays – July 4th. Until then, we’ll be over here, rewatching the movie and crying into our meat-free snacks.

‘Okja’ is now available for streaming on Netflix.