Why you need to rewatch ‘Supernatural’ from the very beginning


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Every week SPN Hunters rewatch episodes from ‘Supernatural.’ Are you ready to join in with us?

Every week, your team behind SPN Hunters rewatches at least one episode of Supernatural a week. With the show currently being on Netflix, this is a great chance to catch up with the old episodes and see things that we missed before. After all, now that we know more about the characters, the relationships, and the plan in the future, it’s easy to see the foreshadowing and work that went into the earlier seasons.

Supernatural Season 1, Episode 1 was full of surprising moments for us; and we’ve watched the show thousands of times. We’re looking forward to rewatching Episode 2.

But why should you really bother watching the show again? Surely you could spend your time during the hiatus watching new TV shows?

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Well, we’re not going to tell you not to watch something new, but we definitely think you should rewatch the old episodes. Here’s why you need to rewatch Supernatural from the very beginning.

You see things you missed the first time

As already mentioned, rewatching means you see the show from a different light. You catch foreshadowing that you never saw the first time. There are little hints here and there of the plan Eric Kripke and co. had. Sure, Kripke says that he didn’t know angels were going to come into the show in Season 4 and 5, but the foreshadowing is just too good.

For example, did you know archangel Michael was mentioned in a Season 2 episode? And did you know Mary being a hunter was alluded to in the earlier seasons? Maybe you missed the idea that the apocalypse was end game for the first five seasons. You may have also missed certain guest stars throughout the years.

You’ll be surprised at some of the things you missed the first time. It’s definitely worth watching an episode or two knowing what you know now. Knowing how the episodes end do not make you dislike the rest of the episode.

You remember the Winchesters when they were bright-eyed babies

Supernatural has been on the air for 12 seasons now! That’s 12 years of saving people, hunting things…you know the drill. The Winchesters have come a long way.

But you likely forget what the Winchesters looked like in the first couple of seasons. Sam has definitely changed the most, but both have grown up from the bright-eyed, bushy-tailed babies that they once were. They’ve darkened with everything that has happened to them over the years.

You’ll also spot costumes that you forgot you loved. Like Dean’s leather jacket; when was the last time you saw that?

Photo Credit: Supernatural/The CW Image Acquired from CW TV PR

You have something to do during the hiatus

There’s a reason the SPN Family call the hiatus “hellatus.” It really is like being in Hell. We have to wait weeks and months for a new episode and see our Winchester brothers back in action.

Rewatching episodes may mean watching something old, but it still means the Winchesters are on the screen. There’s a chance to delve back into the world of monsters and use up the time while you wait for a new episode. It’s the next best thing to Supernatural airing new episodes every single week of the year.

You can connect with other fans

You will definitely not be the only person rewatching episodes of the show. There are fans around the world catching the old episodes, whether through re-runs on TV or because of Netflix. There are even new fans watching for the very first time, as they were too young the first time to watch it!

Rewatching the episodes gives you a chance to connect with other fans. You can reminise over the storylines and what the Winchesters have done. You can connect over your love for Castiel and debate over who wore Meg and Ruby’s suits better.

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It’s time to rewatch Supernatural from the beginning. SPN Hunters is rewatching at least one new episode a week. We’ll let you know on Twitter and Facebook when we’re doing it, so you can rewatch and live tweet along with us.

Supernatural Season 13 premieres on Oct. 12 at 8/7c on The CW.