The Winchesters’ bad luck in Supernatural started from this one moment


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Did Bloody Mary cause the constant bad luck for the Winchester brothers in Supernatural?

You can’t deny that the Winchester brothers made some bad choices in Supernatural season 1, Episode 5. Rather than quickly cover up the extra mirrors when summoning Bloody Mary to her own, they kept them uncovered and Sam had to smash them to encourage Mary to step into the right one.

This mistake has cost them all good luck for the rest of the series.

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They say that smashing a mirror means 7 years bad lucky. The Winchesters between them smashed at least three mirrors, if not more. That’s at least 21 years of bad luck. Dean jokes that they’re due 600 years, but it wasn’t quite so bad.

Since “Bloody Mary” there has been one thing after another that has gone wrong. The very next episode, Dean is kidnapped by a shifter and framed for murder. In later years, both he and Sam are tricked, captured, and framed for far worse. They are hunted by both supernatural and natural forces, and not all of their plans work out quite as expected.

In short, there’s a string of bad luck and things going wrong. This all started after smashing the mirrors in Episode 5.

Okay, so maybe I’m looking at this way too literally, but I’m not the only one who sees this. And it’s just a bit of a joke. I would like to see an episode in Season 13 where they have more bad luck and Dean remembers all those mirrors they once smashed. Just one single line? Please?

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What do you think? Is “Bloody Mary” when the Winchesters’ bad luck started? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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